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Review: Captain America: Civil War

It doesn’t get much better than this. And I say that fully believing that Marvel can go even bigger, better and more exciting. If after more than ten movies deep into their film slate, Marvel can still produce something as amazing as Captain America: Civil War, then the future remains as bright as ever. This is the epic, spectacular, big bombast superhero movie that Marvel has been building towards all these years.

Movie Rating: 9/10 – Great.

Captain America: Civil War is a glorious mix of spectacle and drama, combining some of the most touching and important character work in the entire franchise with quite possibly the greatest bout of superhero action to ever grace the silver screen. The centerpiece ‘war’ between heroes at the abandoned airport is worth the price of admission alone. It’s worth of price of admission to every Marvel movie we’ve seen so far, building on almost each and every film to instill real emotional heft to these characters and their punches.

When Captain American, Iron Man and their allies face off in Civil War, there is real history behind it. We’ve seen the previous movies. We’ve seen the friendships and rivalries grow and build and strain. We’ve seen Steve Rogers and Tony Stark get testy in The Avengers. We’ve watched Black Widow’s character arc from the sidelines of other movies. We’ve seen Ant-Man consider calling the Avengers for help. This has been a journey.

Civil War is a movie for Marvel fans, for the people who have seen all their movies and probably held mini-marathons to gear up for this new one. It’s not ashamed of that focus, and it shouldn’t be. Marvel is producing a masterpiece on a scale never before imagined, and they’re pulling it off with such skill and excitement that I almost feel bad for other movies.

Like, do any of the previous Spider-Man movies even matter anymore? Batman v. Superman surely doesn’t.

Join me after the jump for the full review. There will be SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War.

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6 Things I Want to See in the Black Panther Movie

Captain America: Civil War is only a few weeks away, and every single time I see a new ad or clip, I get more and more excited. The reviews are through the roof. All signs are pointing to this being another amazing blockbuster. And we’ve specifically heard that not only does Spider-Man steal the show, but Black Panther’s debut is as awesome as we could hope!

The hype is for real

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait until 2018 to see Black Panther’s solo movie. That’s way too long to wait to debut this character, but what do I know? Marvel isn’t paying me multi-millions of dollars to plan these things out. You’d think that a Black Panther movie would be a better follow-up to Civil War than Doctor Strange. But again, what do I know?

I know what I want to see in a Black Panther movie, that’s what! Join me after the jump for my hopes and fears about the film.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 4/9/16

Welcome to another installment of Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews! We’re right on the verge of a great comic book movie season, and we’re right in the middle of some great comic books overall. I am very pleased with the industry these days, and I love comics like Batgirl, Spider-Man and Invincible Iron Man.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #2 for tapping into the sheer, silly nostalgia inside of me. Green Ranger is the best Ranger.

It’s like a dream come true

Speaking of good comics, don’t forget to check out my own series, Gamer Girl & Vixen! Order your copy and support us on Kickstarter!

Comic Reviews: Batgirl #50, Black Panther #1, Invincible Iron Man #8, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #2, and Spider-Man #3.

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Happy Thanksgiving, We’ve Got a Captain America: Civil War Trailer!

This was a welcome surprise this morning! I’d heard there’d be some Captain America movie news on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night, but I don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel! I went to bed, I was tired! But sure enough, I wake up this morning and discover the flippin’ first full length trailer for Captain America: Civil War!

Great googily moogily that awesome! I thought I was riding high on Jessica Jones, and that maybe I didn’t need another Marvel movie so soon, but wow that trailer looks good. It’s got the action, it’s got the character building, it’s got some pretty amazing moments between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Oh man. This is gonna be stellar!


Marvel Just Won Everything With Amazing Movie Revelations!

Marvel just took DC to school today on how to court the press and the fans about their upcoming movies. Remember a few weeks ago, when we learned DC’s upcoming film slate? Everything from Wonder Woman to Justice League was leaked from a private shareholder’s meeting, and then DC hasn’t done anything since. No casting announcements. No official logos. Not a peep! We’re all just kind of stuck wondering if DC can actually pull it off.

But here comes Marvel with a big LA press conference, hyped for days, and filled to the brim with excited news media. As a fan, I am giddy! I’m excited! Marvel announced new movies for some less famous characters, but I am more confident in Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies than I am in Wonder Woman, Flash or Aquaman films. So take that, DC!

Make Mine Marvel!

There’s a lot of info and a lot of images. Marvel unveiled a metric ton of logs and film titles today.

So join me after the jump for a full rundown on all of the news and my reactions! And pretty please, share what you think in the comments! I hope you henchies are just as excited as I am!

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