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Duke Thomas Gets to be Robin…In a Cartoon About a Talking Batmobile?

Exciting news, Robin fans! DC and Warner Bros are going to make Duke Thomas into a real Robin! He’s not going to be cast to the side as just The Signal. Duke Thomas gets to really be Batman’s sidekick Robin.

And it’s going to happen in a cartoon about sentient Bat-vehicles! Because that’s the world we live in.

None of us are ready

So the show is called Batwheels, and it’s going to basically mash-up all the Bat-vehicles with the movie Cars…though not officially, obviously. They’re just getting the Cars treatment. We’ve got the Batmobile, Batgirl’s motorcycle, Robin’s Redbird car, the Batwing, and a Batman monster truck, because monster trucks are cool.

You can read more about the whole thing, and the voice cast, here.

I’m mostly interested in the fact that Robin will be Duke Thomas in this show. Not Redbird, but Robin. Because Batman and Robin are regular in this new cartoon, it’s just that their vehicles are going to…come alive, maybe? Or are secretly alive, like Toy Story? I do not know.

He looks ready

But yeah, check it out, Duke Thomas as a kid Robin, in full costume! And that’s Cassandra Cain as Batgirl, so kudos on that as well. I’m just excited at the new Robin. I’m ready for Damian Wayne to move on and for someone else to assume the mantle. Hopefully this is a sign of changes to come elsewhere. Granted, the comic book Duke Thomas might be too advanced in his superhero career to be Robin? The Signal is working for him, I guess?

I dunno. I just think it’s neat. I want a new Robin!


6 Superhero Vehicles That Are Knock-Offs of the Batmobile

Want to hear a funny story? So I’m trapped at home during this global pandemic, right? But I’m allowed to go out for groceries. So I did yesterday, made it all the way to the store and then my car wouldn’t start! Isn’t that hilarious? And then the shop I was able to take it to said they needed to keep it overnight, and as of my posting this listicle, I have yet to hear what the damage is going to be.

So let’s talk about Batmobiles.

Batmobile KO List 01

The best of multiple Batmobiles

More specifically, let’s talk about knock-offs of the Batmobile. I love the Batmobile. It’s my favorite of all fictional vehicles. And I could have done a list of my favorite Batmobiles, but there are too many to pick from. I could have done a list of other superhero vehicles, but that seems too generic. So how about a list of vehicles that are clearly just knock-offs of the Batmobile, whether intentionally, as part of an obvious parody or just because they tried to slip one by the readers. That should be fun! Join me after the jump!

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Check Out the New Batsmobile!

The Batman is definitely a movie that’s happening. There’s no stopping it at this point. We’re going to get a new Batman movie. There’s no sign of Robin, yet, but check out this cool new Batmobile. Director Matt Reeves shared this pic and others on his Twitter yesterday. I like the grounded, realistic, muscle car look.

New Batmobile 01

We’ll have to make our peace with no wings

Reeves is definitely really good at building hype for his movie. We’ve seen the Batsuit, now the Batmobile, so surely he’s next going to tease the Robinsuit…right? Right?!


Ze Batmobile is in Ze News

We all know that they’re currently filming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it’s only a matter of time before we find out if/how Robin appears in the film. Right? Right?! I mean, c’mon! How long do we have to wait? I’m only human!

To tide us over until the big reveal – that we’re all eagerly waiting for – pics of the movie’s Batmobile hit the web. Some amateur shots can be viewed here, but director Zack Snyder then just went ahead and posted a big HD pic.

Click here for an even bigger version

I like it, looks good to me.

Though, of course, it only has seating for one. Damn you, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice! Quit toying with my emotions!


Let’s Start the Day With a Little Batman!

The video game convention E3 is in full swing this week, with all sorts of trailers and previews and announcements. I bet it’s just a bunch of fun to be there. Unfortunately, I am not cool enough to get to go, so I’m stuck back here just watching the trailers on Youtube. C’est la vie.

But one of those trailers is a whole mess of gameplay footage for Batman: Arkham Knight!

Just look at the scope of that game! That cityscape is huge! Or maybe it’s just the fact that driving around on the streets in the Batmobile makes it look bigger than when we’re zipping around on rooftops in previous games. Either way, that part looked great. And the Batmobile looks cool…except it instantly made me think of any Grand Theft Auto game, where the moment you start driving around at high speeds is the moment you’re going to cause a ton of collateral damage. The game employee who managed to make turns and drive mostly straight might be good, but the rest of us are going to crash into everything around us. So I guess it’s a good idea to remove pedestrians.

Still, the game looks pretty darn sweet. It’s not enough to convince me to plop down several hundred dollars on a new console, but maybe I’ll get a better graphics card for my computer at least…

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