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I’m Taking the New Robin Rumors With a Massive Pile of Salt

Buzz around the Internet is that actress Jena Malone is going to play Robin in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, most likely the Carrie Kelley version from The Dark Knight Returns. Batman v. Superman is already taking a lot of inspiration from that seminal work Рincluding an older Batman and the Bat-armor Рbut will they go all the way and cast a female Robin?

I hope so…but I don’t believe it, at least not yet.

But I want to believe!

I would love for this to be the case. I have zero problem with a female Robin, and I would give almost anything to have Robin play a solid, entertaining role in Batman v. Superman. Heck, I was even willing to let Justin Bieber play the character if it meant Robin could be in the movie. I also don’t have a problem with the Carrie Kelley version of Robin making the movie. I may not want Carrie to become Robin in the comics, but in this movieverse? Bring it on!

I just don’t believe these rumors.

The story comes from Variety magazine by way of WILX10 in Michigan, so that alone should worry you. Apparently the movie is filming some scenes at a college in Michigan, and the local TV station went and interviewed some of the students filling in as extras. One of those extras dropped the hint that he overheard someone talking about a female Robin.

And that’s it. That’s the scoop.

But is it enough?

Intrepid reporters then linked this tidbit with the fact that Jena Malone has been spotted on set, and that she recently dyed her hair red. But again, this is all anyone has. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Malone has some role in the film, but they can’t say if she’s Robin. She could very well be Barbara Gordon, another redhead from the Bat-verse. Or she could be Jill the Girl at Bruce Wayne’s Favorite Coffee Shop!

Listen, I work in local news. I’m a newspaper reporter, and I know my fair share of local TV reporters. I know how they operate, I know what they consider to be stories; I know how this works. And there is no way I would give 100% credibility to some local TV station out of Michigan. If my local news stations reported something like this, I wouldn’t believe it.

Remember when the rumor was that Adam Driver would play Nightwing in Batman v. Superman? That was an entire year ago, and we still don’t have any confirmation whatsoever that Nightwing or Dick Grayson will appear in the film at all.

Casting rumors, especially on superhero flicks, are part and parcel of the whole process. And as much as I would love for Robin to appear in the film, especially Jena Malone as Robin, I just don’t believe these rumors.

Not yet, at least. Get me some official confirmation and I will be through the roof!


Ze Batmobile is in Ze News

We all know that they’re currently filming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, so it’s only a matter of time before we find out if/how Robin appears in the film. Right? Right?! I mean, c’mon! How long do we have to wait? I’m only human!

To tide us over until the big reveal – that we’re all eagerly waiting for – pics of the movie’s Batmobile hit the web. Some amateur shots can be viewed here, but director Zack Snyder then just went ahead and posted a big HD pic.

Click here for an even bigger version

I like it, looks good to me.

Though, of course, it only has seating for one. Damn you, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice! Quit toying with my emotions!


Please Allow Me a Moment to Freak Out Prematurely About Nightwing

We don’t yet know whether or not Nightwing will be in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. We know that Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg are all going to appear, and possibly more. But there is no confirmation yet on Nightwing (or Robin, for that matter). I’m not panicking yet. There were rumors about Nightwing, but nothing for sure.

Until now…maybe…probably not. But darn it, I’m going to get my hopes up! Because they’ve cast an actor named Scoot McNairy, and he looks like Dick Grayson!

Boy Wonder?

Not that Dick Grayson has a particular look. But he could definitely play Dick Grayson!

A lot of people are making guesses. Joker? Flash? Green Lantern? Warner Bros. is apparently keeping McNairy’s role super secret. Not even reliable scoopsters on the web have a solid answer.

I have no idea who Scoot McNairy is going to play. But until we know otherwise, I’m just going to assume it’s Nightwing! Because I’m a sucker.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a Mouthful

I get that sub-titles are all the rage in superhero movies these days, that simply numbering new movies in ascending order is too passe. But jeez, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is just a bit of a mouthful!

Warner Bros and DC Comics revealed the full title today on Facebook, announcing that principle photography has begun and blah, blah, blah.

The title, man, the title! What is up with that title? We’re approaching X2: X-Men United levels of bad titlery. First of all, the ‘V’ in the middle is a real stopping point when pronouncing the whole thing. Why not a ‘VS’? ‘Versus’ is so much more fun to say than ‘V’. Then this ‘Dawn of Justice’ stuff? Who needs it? I get that DC is building a Justice League with this movie, but we didn’t need the ¬†subtitle. If it was Man of Steel: Dawn of Justice, maybe. But ‘Batman vs. Superman’ is a freaking awesome movie title! Why not just go with that?! How is that not infinitely cooler?

Batman Will Be Toning Down the Ears

Behold, the first official picture of the new Batsuit for the Batman vs. Superman sequel! Theoretically, that’s Ben Affleck under the cowl.

Batman hates color

I like it! I like the shorter ears. I like the toughness of the costume. I like that it looks more like his traditional costume than some highly detailed, interconnected armor like from the Dark Knight trilogy. I hope we get to see a clearer picture eventually, but as for this first image, Tweeted by director Zack Snyder, I like it!

For an even better look, check out this Reddit thread where a guy colorized the photo to get a much clearer image!

And what’s that in the background? It’s the Batmobile! Snyder posted this picture yesterday.

Dat ass

I like the look of the Batmobile too.

So yeah, even though I really didn’t like Man of Steel, I’m digging all this Batman stuff.

Now then…give us Robin!

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