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Vacation Over, Let’s Have Some Batman

Like all good things, my vacation has come to an end (possibly with me getting a little sick). But I am one who soldiers on. I’ve got to go to work, and I need to get my blog back into gear. I need some posts! How about an Honest Trailer for Batman: Arkham City? That game is a classic.

Those were the days. Will we ever see a game as cool as the Batman: Arkham series ever again? Time will tell.


Enjoy This Batman: Arkham Knight Launch Trailer While I Cry Salty Tears

I just…I just couldn’t do it. Upgrading my PC to handle Arkham Knight would have cost way too much money. I…oh God…I won’t be playing Batman: Arkham Knight today.

Oh man. That’s beautiful. The narration, the action, the characters, the Robin, the music. It’s…it’s gonna be a great game.

OK Sean, no more crying! You’re gonna save money! You’re gonna put a little aside each week! You’re gonna look for sales! You’re gonna do this! Yeah!

Though I’m seeing a lot of negative reviews in the Steam store. Apparently the PC version is bugging as all heck!


The Arkham Knight Robin Looks More Exciting!

We’ve got our first close-up look at Robin from Batman: Arkham Knight! I think he looks great!

He’s very similar to his look from Arkham City, which is expected, and I liked Arkham City just as much. I dig the armor, I dig the haircut; I dig the whole thing.

But…I don’t yet have that upgraded PC or the money to make it happen. And now I’ve got less than a month to get it together!


Finally! Robin Confirmed for Batman: Arkham Knight!

I have been waiting patiently for this news, and it’s finally here! Robin is going to play a major role in Batman: Arkham Knight! He’ll be joined by both Nightwing and Catwoman, so that’s even more awesome! But Robin is the one I really care about, and his cool new costume! Check out the badass new game trailer to see him in action.

According to what I’m reading, there’s going to be something called ‘Dual Play’ that allows players to switch between all these heroes on the fly in the middle of the free-flow combat. The video offers some ways that this could work, but we’ll have to see it to believe it. All I really care about is that Robin is definitely going to be a part of this game! Awesome!

Of course, I can’t yet even play the game. I don’t own either of the consoles that can play it, and my computer isn’t nearly strong enough. So I guess I better start saving up if I hope to get that new graphics card by the end of June!


Robin and Red Hood All But Confirmed for Batman: Arkham Knight

There’s no official confirmation as of yet, but based on a myriad of clues that have leaked online – or are on display right now at San Diego Comic-Con – we can almost be guaranteed that Robin and Red Hood will both be appearing in next year’s Batman: Arkham Knight! Red Hood will actually be playable too, according to information about a leaked DLC from Gamestop.

First clue is this video made of pictures from a toy booth at Comic-Con, showing off a Red Hood action figure and a Robin prototype figure. Robin, as Tim Drake, appeared in Arkham City, and was the star of his own follow-up DLC. So he’s a pretty major character. And I was hoping he’d be back in Arkham Knight. So that’s awesome.

Red Hood is probably Jason Todd. He’s got a pretty cool costume in the game.

If you don’t believe that video – or don’t have the time or energy to watch it, then check out these pictures.

Boom, Robin!

Believe my joy

And what was that about the Red Hood being a Gamestop exclusive? Boom! Eat that!

Curse you, Gamestop!

Neither of these is an official announcement, sure, but c’mon! Look at that evidence! This game just gets better and better. Now I just need to buy a better graphics card so I can get the PC version…which wouldn’t allow me to play the Red Hood DLC. Life is unfair.

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