Will We See a Kingdom Come Batman in the Man of Steel Sequel?

Rumors are swirling left and right about the upcoming Batman/Superman movie, everything from Wonder Woman and Flash having cameo appearances, to the batsuit being based on Jim Lee designs. Normally I wouldn’t write about these kinds of rumors, but now that they involve the possibility of Dick Grayson appearing in the film, I am all over them. I can’t help it. I want Robin to appear in this movie more than I want a low calorie french fry.

Today’s new rumor comes from Warner Bros. producer Daniel Alter who sent out a Tweet about the film this morning that makes me think the Ben Affleck Batman will be based on the comic book series Kingdom Come.

It’s not as religious as you might think

I’m saving the Tweet until after the jump so that you don’t have to be SPOILED if you don’t want to be. There’s also the possibility that this is a total lie and none of it’s true. Such is the problem with rumors. But if that’s the case, who the heck does Daniel Alter think he is that he can make up lies about the new movie?

All thanks to ComicBookMovie.com for finding this Tweet.

So here is Alter’s Tweet:

We’ve already been told by the producers that the Ben Affleck Batman is going to be older and wiser, and that the film will draw some inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns comic. So what do we then take from his Tweet by Alter? Because to me, that sounds exactly like Batman from Kingdom Come.

For those who don’t know, Kingdom Come was a comic book mini-series published in the mid-90s and set in the future, long after guys like Superman and Batman had retired. The story is about the heroes coming out of retirement to save the world, though Batman and Superman are on opposite sides. In Kingdom Come, Batman is literally a semi-retired guy who no longer speaks to Robin and uses Bat-drones to fight crime.

They know ‘justice’, but they don’t know ‘love’

Though Kingdom Come Batman also has gray hair, wears a suit of armor and has to use a back brace when he goes out in costume, but I’m sure the new movie can make a few changes.

The best thing about this new rumor is the way Alter describes Batman’s relationship to Robin, and how that also might mirror Kingdom Come.

Notice that he used the name ‘Robin’ instead of ‘Dick’ or ‘Nightwing’. That supports my own personal theory that Nightwing will not be appearing in the movie, but that Dick Grayson will simply play an older version of Robin. Nobody has confirmed that Nightwing appears. People on the Internet are just speculating based on the (rumored) plot point that Batman and Dick Grayson will have long since grown apart. In the comics, that means Dick becomes Nightwing – but this isn’t the comics. This is a new movie that has to reach a much wider audience.

‘Batman and Robin’ is a household name, ‘Nightwing’ is not.

Remember, even when DC gave Chris O’Donnel the Nightwing costume in the much reviled Batman and Robin movie, he was still called ‘Robin’.

But anyway, in Kingdom Come, Batman and Robin have grown apart. Then when everybody starts coming out of retirement, one of the first people that Superman recruits to his side is Dick Grayson.

I definitely picture Affleck

Then at the end of the story, after the battle is over and everyone is friendly again, Batman and Dick bury the hatchet and reconcile. It’s one of my favorite scenes from Kingdom Come.

The girl is Dick Grayson’s half-alien daughter, because comics

Doesn’t that sound like the absolute most perfect thing to happen in this new Batman/Superman movie? If they’re going to start out with Batman and Robin being estranged, wouldn’t it be obvious to tell the story of them patching things up and becoming the Dynamic Duo once again? Maybe with Superman’s help?

If that’s the plot to the Batman/Superman movie, I’m gonna eat my hat out of sheer joy.

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  1. this just in, Scott Snyder leaked info that the next Robin will be an African American kid!

  2. oh wait, i think Snyder clarified that the new Robin is part of an imaginary future thing. False Alarm. But here’s the link http://comicsalliance.com/african-american-robin-sean-murphy-scott-snyder-batman-detective-27/

    • Yeah, I was reading that earlier today. I was thinking of doing a Robin Watch article on it, but I realized straight on that the kid was only an alternate idea thingy, considering the issue he’s going to appear in. I’m sure he’ll be a neat character, but my money is still on Harper Row. She had a great appearance in this week’s Batman issue.

  3. Two of my favourite versions of Bruce Wayne are TDKR and Kingdom Come; I can imagine a mixture of the two working well in a film. However, neither are strictly canon and don’t tie in with a movie-going public’s perception of the ‘man’ in Batman. I’d think it extremely difficult to pull off!

    • I think, if they create your typical Batman, but use those for influence, it would be great. Tortured, war-weary, grizzled, these are things Batman could be at the start of the film, but he gets better by the end. Plus, how cool would it be to introduce the general audiences to the idea of an older, tougher, gnarlier Batman?

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