I’m Taking the New Robin Rumors With a Massive Pile of Salt

Buzz around the Internet is that actress Jena Malone is going to play Robin in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, most likely the Carrie Kelley version from The Dark Knight Returns. Batman v. Superman is already taking a lot of inspiration from that seminal work – including an older Batman and the Bat-armor – but will they go all the way and cast a female Robin?

I hope so…but I don’t believe it, at least not yet.

But I want to believe!

I would love for this to be the case. I have zero problem with a female Robin, and I would give almost anything to have Robin play a solid, entertaining role in Batman v. Superman. Heck, I was even willing to let Justin Bieber play the character if it meant Robin could be in the movie. I also don’t have a problem with the Carrie Kelley version of Robin making the movie. I may not want Carrie to become Robin in the comics, but in this movieverse? Bring it on!

I just don’t believe these rumors.

The story comes from Variety magazine by way of WILX10 in Michigan, so that alone should worry you. Apparently the movie is filming some scenes at a college in Michigan, and the local TV station went and interviewed some of the students filling in as extras. One of those extras dropped the hint that he overheard someone talking about a female Robin.

And that’s it. That’s the scoop.

But is it enough?

Intrepid reporters then linked this tidbit with the fact that Jena Malone has been spotted on set, and that she recently dyed her hair red. But again, this is all anyone has. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Malone has some role in the film, but they can’t say if she’s Robin. She could very well be Barbara Gordon, another redhead from the Bat-verse. Or she could be Jill the Girl at Bruce Wayne’s Favorite Coffee Shop!

Listen, I work in local news. I’m a newspaper reporter, and I know my fair share of local TV reporters. I know how they operate, I know what they consider to be stories; I know how this works. And there is no way I would give 100% credibility to some local TV station out of Michigan. If my local news stations reported something like this, I wouldn’t believe it.

Remember when the rumor was that Adam Driver would play Nightwing in Batman v. Superman? That was an entire year ago, and we still don’t have any confirmation whatsoever that Nightwing or Dick Grayson will appear in the film at all.

Casting rumors, especially on superhero flicks, are part and parcel of the whole process. And as much as I would love for Robin to appear in the film, especially Jena Malone as Robin, I just don’t believe these rumors.

Not yet, at least. Get me some official confirmation and I will be through the roof!


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Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. While I don’t have any problems with Carrie Kelly, I would much prefer it if another Robin was used in the movie. I have been waiting for Rboin to be done right in a movie for years but Batman & Robin screwed any chance of that happening again for a very long time. Personally, considering the age of Batman in the movie verse and the popularity of the character, I think Time Drake should be used. Have Night wing be mentioned or make a cameo, then have Tim as Robin for Batman’s solo movie with him becoming Red Robin at the end, wanting to strike out on him own. Then in the second Batman movie, use the Red Hood story line (this would also be the perfect way to introduce the joker to the DCU). Then in the third Batman movie have Damian, maybe even do the court of owls story or death of the family (clearly they are taking a lot of inspiration from the New52). Just my two cents, mostly because the reason I love Batman is because of the family and I want all if them to have their time to shine

    • This is where my Robin fandom gets disappointing. As insanely gaga as I am about Robin…I don’t like the idea of doing the entire multi-Robins storyline in the movies. I don’t trust movie audiences to know, care or understand the complex nature of all the Robins. When it comes to live action adaptations, I want Hollywood or TV or anything really to stick to just Dick Grayson. Heck, I don’t even like them going into Nightwing. I think they should keep Robin simple. It’ll benefit the story and will just be easier for audiences to handle.

      • While I can definitely understand what you mean, I have to believe it can be done, maybe not all the Robins but I do feel like its an important aspect of Batman life. Most people thing Batman just fights villains till he dies. They don’t realise this long ever lasting line of inspired heroes he has left behind. But if DC really wants to beat Marvel, they need to pull out everything they have. Batman, at the heart of it, is all about family. He is what he because of family

      • If there was enough time in the medium to tell such a story, perhaps I’d be more comfortable with it. They pulled it off in both the Animated Series and in Young Justice. But movies are just so short and limited, even with sequels.

  2. I reeeally doubt this is going to be a thing. Even if they are going to stick a Robin in there somewhere, it wouldn’t be someone who is relatively unknown like Carrie Kelley. This movie is supposed to be their big entrance into the whole cinematic universe deal, they would want their heavy guns.

    I personally think Robin is a cool enough character to fit in, but maybe they think it would make the whole thing too childish.

    • I think Carrie Kelley would be a perfect choice for Robin in this movie. She may be relatively unknown to non-comic fans, but everybody knows of Robin, and making the movie Robin a girl clearly grabs headlines. I think movie-goers would quickly and easily get on board. I’ve always considered the mantle of Robin to be much more important than the man or woman beneath the domino mask.

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