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An Angry Superman and a New Bout of Rumors

Production on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is amping up, and as such, pictures from the set are flying around the Internet. In the slow march towards acceptance, a lot of studios have started revealing characters and costumes well in advance of when those same images might get leaked on the web. For example, the CW put out the first official pictures of the Flash costume just days before pictures of him in costume on set hit the web.

So perhaps that’s why Warner Bros. released this startling image of a dour Superman today.

The ‘S’ stands for Eternal Sorrow

Somebody really sneezed in his Cheerios. Is that still a thing kids say?

Anyway! The reason I’m posting this grumpy picture of Superman is because there’s a new spat of rumors about characters and actors in Dawn of Justice. Normally I don’t like  publishing rumors like that, because they can be wrong at the drop of the hat.

But as a rabid fanboy, I am going to follow every possible iota of information about Dick Grayson being in Dawn of Justice. I probably want Dick in Dawn of Justice more than I want Multiple Man in the next X-Men movie (though it pains me to say that).

As such, the rumors come from Latino Review, and they basically state that Scoot McNairy – who I had pegged as a Nightwing front-runner – might actually be playing Morgan Edge, a businessman-type villain, who they figure will be Lex Luthor’s slimy PR man.

Normally I would be saddened by the news, but the scooper, El Mayimbe, seems pretty confident that Dick Grayson is indeed going to be in the movie. He practically mentions it as an established fact, that Dick Grayson will be in his mid-20s, and can’t be played by the 30something-year-old McNairy, so that buffers my fears somewhat.

Beyond Edge, El Mayimbe claims we’ll see Victor Zasz, David Cain and Amanda Waller all in the movie. They’re all human characters, so it wouldn’t be hard to toss them into the movie somehow. Batman Begins used Victor Zasz in exactly that same, simple way.

So there you have it. From some much more experienced and knowledgable bloggers than me, McNairy will be playing Morgan Edge, and Dick Grayson is definitely in the movie.

Good times.

Batman Will Be Toning Down the Ears

Behold, the first official picture of the new Batsuit for the Batman vs. Superman sequel! Theoretically, that’s Ben Affleck under the cowl.

Batman hates color

I like it! I like the shorter ears. I like the toughness of the costume. I like that it looks more like his traditional costume than some highly detailed, interconnected armor like from the Dark Knight trilogy. I hope we get to see a clearer picture eventually, but as for this first image, Tweeted by director Zack Snyder, I like it!

For an even better look, check out this Reddit thread where a guy colorized the photo to get a much clearer image!

And what’s that in the background? It’s the Batmobile! Snyder posted this picture yesterday.

Dat ass

I like the look of the Batmobile too.

So yeah, even though I really didn’t like Man of Steel, I’m digging all this Batman stuff.

Now then…give us Robin!

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