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Merry Christmas, From Ted Lasso

I love the TV show Ted Lasso. It’s great! They did a Christmas episode in their second season, and produced some little Rankin Bass-style stop motion figurines of their main characters for the title sequence. It was fun. And rather than let those figurines go to waste, they produced a full holiday short video!

That’s just cute. Why not enjoy this kind of fun? If you’re making a TV show, surely it’s a blast to do a side project where you make your own little Christmas short? At least I imagine it would be fun.

Can’t wait for season 3! Also, Nate sucks.


Have You Watched Ted Lasso?

I know it’s on AppleTV+ and therefore not available to most people, but oh man, Ted Lasso is a damn good show! It’s next level stuff! It debuted last year and I only got around to watching it a couple months ago on a whim. I figured it would be good for a nice, short comedy. But I was blown away by the heart, the emotional depth of the stunning character work. Had I watched this show last year when it debuted, it might have upset my Best Of rankings at the end of the year.

And now season 2 is less than a month away!

I can’t wait for this new season! Ted Lasso is a next level show and it comes highly recommended by me, the dude who writes this blog and likes sharing trailers. So take that how you will.

Ted Lasso season 2 arrives on July 23.


Some of My Favorite Shows Are Coming Back!

It’s a nice, simple Tuesday and so I figured I’d share some trailers for some returning TV shows I really enjoy! A lot of my favorite shows have been ending recently, so it’s nice that some of them are indeed coming back.

First up is the newly announced third season of Master of None. I don’t think anybody expected this show to return after Aziz Ansari’s scandal, but apparently they’re going to pivot and the third season will be about Lena Waithe’s character. I think that’s a neat way to take things.

Master of None: Moments in Love will arrive on Netflix on May 23.

Next up is the second season of Ted Lasso on AppleTV+, which should be amazing! I watched Ted Lasso earlier this year and was blown away by this show. I’d heard of it last year when it debuted, and it seemed to do OK. But when I watched it myself, holy cow, what a masterpiece! So funny, so charming, so heartwarming; this is a great show!

Ted Lasso will return to AppleTV+ on July 23.

Gonna be good to have fun new TV!


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