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Bring Me Gigan!

I saw Godzilla vs. Kong this past weekend and enjoyed the film, despite its many, many flaws. There is no word on whether or not Hollywood will continue this Monsterverse series, but I hope they do because these modern Godzilla movies are fun overall! With no word on what comes next, I am left to speculate and propose what we’ll see next.

Bring me Gigan!

This is called the Gigan Shuffle

The big alien beasty with blade arms and a buzzsaw stomach and the Cyclops visor first appeared in the classic Toho film Godzilla vs. Gigan, one of my favorites as a child. The movie featured Godzilla and Anguirus teaming up to take on the alien team of King Ghidorah and the new baddy, Gigan. The monster is, quite notably, an alien, and that’s where I think this franchise has to go next.

Godzilla vs. Kong leaned heavily into the goofier Godzilla classics. This franchise is no longer the tense, realism-based horror movie of the 2014 reboot. It’s big, silly, monster-bashing fun!

But rather than focus the next film on Hollow Earth, let’s look to the stars to a full-on alien invasion!

It’s actually a peninsula!

What better way to make Godzilla the hero? What better reason to have Godzilla, Kong, Mothra and Anguirus team up than to expel some alien invaders and their monster champion?

Aliens have already been part of the franchise. I recently rewatched Godzilla: King of the Monsters and they quite clearly say that Ghidorah came from outer space. So the seeds have been planted. Let’s take that to the next level for the next big movie.

I also just want to see the modern, detailed interpretation of that silly Gigan monster costume. I want a realistic-looking buzzsaw stomach!


There’s Gonna Be a Fight! Godzilla vs. Kong!

Behold! The rematch of the century! The slobberknocker to end all slobberknockers! Godzilla is gonna fight King Kong once again on the big screen! And for some reason, the first trailer seems to favor Kong…

What’s up with that?! The movie clearly appears to favor King Kong! Hello?! Godzilla is far more popular! Godzilla is our boy! Our collective boy! We should all be in Godzilla’s corner. But I suppose we’re going to have to watch the movie to find out what really happens.

Also, it seems another generic white male actor has been brought in to star in the film. What is up with that? Are they supposed to be interchangeable? And even though Millie Bobby Brown is coming back, and even though Godzilla: King of the Monsters introduced those Mothra twins, we apparently still need a white male as the lead character?

What’s up with that?

Godzilla vs. Kong is coming to both theaters and HBO Max at the same time on March 26.


I Honestly, Mostly Liked Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island was a movie. And like most movies, it got an Honest Trailer last week. Those are always fun!

I don’t really have much else to talk about today! The Internet has been pretty quiet. I saw It on Saturday and that was a really good movie! Can’t wait for the Honest Trailer of that!


New Kong: Skull Island Trailer is Pretty Darn Artistic

I’m not sure what to expect with Kong: Skull Island. I’m worried that it’s just going to be a big, CGI-filled action movie that just happens to include King Kong. But there’s a new trailer that looks absolutely phenomenal!

Like, that’s the most artistic movie trailer I think I’ve ever seen! It’s well edited, it’s got exciting new footage, some great dialogue bits, and it even makes John C. Reilly’s random comedic relief character seem alright. I dig this trailer.

Also, the movie comes out in less than two weeks! We are definitely already in prime movie season, it would seem!


Kong: Skull Island Gets a Full, Ape-Filled Trailer!

So, uh, this is kind of surprising. We’ve got a new Kong: Skull Island Trailer, and it’s, well…

Did we know that John C. Reilly was gonna be in the movie as a wacky comedy relief? He seems funny, but, like…is anyone else getting that strange feeling? Hear me out. The new Godzilla movie was really popular, and a definite success. And Hollywood now wants to pit Godzilla against King Kong again, and they’re creating a whole united franchise here. But this trailer…

The biggest complaint people had with Godzilla was that the titular kaiju wasn’t in a lot of the movie. That was not a complaint I shared. I was fine with the reduced screentime.

But look at this trailer: it opens with a catchy pop song. That has quickly become a cliche. We see a ton of Kong, as well as all manner of other monsters. No subtlety here. And then John C. Reilly randomly shows up to deliver all the trailer-worthy one-liners. This trailer was clearly made in an assembly line. And what does that mean for the movie as a whole?


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