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Ms. Marvel Fan Film Makes for Exciting Monday

Found this pretty stellar Ms. Marvel fan film on io9 this weekend and wanted to share! I don’t share enough fan-made things and I’m hoping to fix that. So let’s start with this! It’s only 5 minutes long and damn good.

And let’s hope Marvel gets around to putting Kamala Khan into their movies or TV shows very soon. Major kudos to the folks at AnitaBeMEAnitaBeME for making this awesomeness happen. They nailed it!


Hawkeye Fan Film is So On Target

I gladly maintain that the Hawkeye series by Matt Fraction and David Aja is the comic book of the decade. It’s groundbreaking in its portrayal of ‘people first, superheroes second’. So why not celebrate with this awesome fan film based on the comic?

The fine folks at One Riot One Ranger Productions really name the look, feel and comedic elements of Hawkeye. I raise my bow and arrow to them!


Warner Bros: This is how you make a Wonder Woman movie

Warner Snows: Bastards of DC franchise. They know nothing. That was my reaction when I saw this. Warner Brothers doesn’t know how to make a Wonder Woman film work?

This short from Rainfall Films is a good start:

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