We’re Voting for the X-Men Again

It seems that Marvel is going to make it an annual event to vote for new members of the X-Men. I am 100% in favor of this idea. It’s neat, it’s interactive, and it might shine a light on new characters. I’m a little hesitant about doing it so soon. Only six issues of the X-Men comic have come out since the previous vote. That’s not a lot of time to really explore any of the characters.

The first year’s winner, Polaris, has had some standout moments in the comic so far. So perhaps there is hope.

Here are the new nominees.

Candidates: Siryn, Micromax, Firestar, Armor, Avalanche, Surge, Gorgon, Bling!, Gentle and Monet

I voted for Avalanche. I’m a big-time Brotherhood of Mutants fan, and I love the trope of villains becoming heroes. So to see a classic Brotherhood member join the X-Men in the Krakoa era would be a dream come true.

Seriously, I’ve put together fantasy rosters on this blog before for X-Teams, and I always include a classic Brotherhood member. I could go on a big rant/explanation, but why waste your time? Just go vote for Avalanche!

Voting is at Marvel.com and will run for another week or so.


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