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The Top 6 Marvel Armored Bug Characters

A couple weeks ago, I spotlighted the new Marvel villain Murder Hornet because I think that’s a great name to pull out of the horrors of 2020 and turn into a comic book character. I was also tickled pink by Murder Hornet because Marvel has a long history of turning bugs into armored characters. There’s a ton of bug characters — perhaps you’ve heard of Spider-Man? — but Marvel also specifically creates bug-themed armored characters. It’s wild!

Murder Hornet is going to appear in the new Heroes Reborn Big Event coming later this spring. I don’t yet know how much of Heroes Reborn I’m going to read, but I am fairly confident I’m going to get a good look at Murder Hornet and her series, Squadron Savage. And I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that she shows up in the regular Marvel Universe when this is all over. As this List of Six will attest, she’ll be joining a fine pantheon of bug-themed armored characters.

Join me after the jump for the best armored bug people at Marvel Comics!

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I’m Only One Man, I Can Only Handle So Many Character Reveals

Yesterday saw the debut of the red Daredevil costume for the new Netflix series (which premiers today!). I saw the costume, loved it, and wrote a blog post about it. But then the various companies in charge of our live action superheroes went insane. There were no less than five superhero reveals, including Daredevil, and all of them are pretty neat. Are you ready to just smash our way through all of them? Let’s just go nuts!


Yellow Jacket



I wonder how many more we’ll get today. This is the week that keeps on giving.


First Semi-Official Look at the Ant-Man Villain!

The first trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man is due to hit the web any day now (hopefully!), so Marvel is ready to ramp up the marketing on the film. Yes, Avengers: Age of Ultron comes first, but everybody in the world is already going to see that. Marketing will consist of Marvel simply telling everybody when to go to the theaters. Ant-Man is going to need to be sold, and with that we have a new banner image leaked online today.

Not only do we get another great look at the movie Ant-Man costume, but here is the first semi-official look at the villain, Yellow Jacket! Some blurry images leaked online weeks ago, but this picture is clear, bright and awesome!

You can check out a bigger version here.

I think Yellow Jacket looks pretty awesome, and he definitely fits as a high-tech, insectoid villain. But man, he’s going to be a hard sell. Hopefully Ant-Man will focus mostly on Ant-Man himself, and the villain won’t be that big of a deal. Most Marvel movies have lame villains anyway.


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