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The Top 6 Marvel Armored Bug Characters

A couple weeks ago, I spotlighted the new Marvel villain Murder Hornet because I think that’s a great name to pull out of the horrors of 2020 and turn into a comic book character. I was also tickled pink by Murder Hornet because Marvel has a long history of turning bugs into armored characters. There’s a ton of bug characters — perhaps you’ve heard of Spider-Man? — but Marvel also specifically creates bug-themed armored characters. It’s wild!

Murder Hornet is going to appear in the new Heroes Reborn Big Event coming later this spring. I don’t yet know how much of Heroes Reborn I’m going to read, but I am fairly confident I’m going to get a good look at Murder Hornet and her series, Squadron Savage. And I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that she shows up in the regular Marvel Universe when this is all over. As this List of Six will attest, she’ll be joining a fine pantheon of bug-themed armored characters.

Join me after the jump for the best armored bug people at Marvel Comics!

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Behold, Murder Hornet!

Continuing Marvel Comics’ long legacy of insect-based armored characters comes Murder Hornet! This character is tickling my pinks enough to share it with everybody on my blog. She’s going to be part of the Squadron Savage in the new Heroes Reborn event this summer.

A very 2020 villain indeed!

This is just fun. That’s why I wanted to share it. And why I haven’t really shared anything else from Heroes Reborn. I’m probably not going to read much of that crossover, even though I’m finding the whole idea fun.

Basically, Marvel is going to do another alternate reality, and this time, the Avengers never existed. Heroes Reborn is going to be a universe where the Squadron Supreme was the premiere superhero team. And, of course, the Squadron Supreme is Marvel’s parody version of the Justice League. So it should be an interesting world! I may pick up some of the comics.

But mostly, I want to know more about Murder Hornet! And I want her to jump into the regular Marvel Universe, if she is indeed someone brand new. I just love how on-the-nose this character is. Rather than come up with a new villain named “Pandemic”, Marvel instead focused in on the murder hornets from last year. It’s silly and great!

And, again, it works because Marvel has a long history of armored insect characters. There’s the original Beetle, the new Beetle, Ant-Man, Yellow Jacket, Grasshopper, Hornet, Red Locust and more! That’s probably what tickles me the most about Murder Hornet! I will be watching her career with great interest.


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