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The New Trailer for Wreck-It Ralph 2 Kind of Wrecks My Interest in the Film

I’m still going to see Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 opening weekend. There’s no doubt or hesitation. But the new trailer released today kind of…I dunno…annoyed me?

See for yourself:

So yeah, the only search result for a website that is “really intense” and “super nuts” is Disney’s own website? And then the trailer just becomes Ralph and Vanellope hanging out with Disney characters and making really obvious Disney Princess jokes?

Does the movie Wreck-It Ralph not exist in this universe? All these Disney characters can exist on the Internet, but but Wreck-It Ralph doesn’t exist as a movie?

I dunno. The trailer just bugged me. It was all self-referential Disney nonsense.

And I get the joke poking fun at itself for the movie name…but it still went with the wrong movie name. “Break the Internet” is not a famous enough phrase to not use “Ralph Wrecks the Internet”, no matter how “kewl” the blue lady was designed to be.


Wreck-It Ralph 2 Has a Full Trailer!

For some reason, the upcoming sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet is not called ‘Ralph Wrecks the Internet’. How did this title make it through quality control at Disney?

Hopefully somebody got fired over that screw up.

Also, trailer looks cool! A little wildly huge, but I’m sure they have a solid, contained story. I loved the original Wreck-It Ralph and can’t wait for the sequel!


My 6 Favorite Animated Movies of All Time (This Week)

I went and saw Kubo and the Two Strings last weekend, excited by the captivating trailers. It was a fine film and quite enjoyable, but not the epic adventure I was hoping to see. A student of art craft would probably love it a lot more, considering all the work that LAIKA studios put into the stop-motion animation. But I’m not very good at marveling at that sort of thing. I just enjoyed a nice movie.

Spoiler Alert: He actually has three strings

And seeing a quality animated film on the big screen has me wondering about all the animated films I’ve loved in the past! I’m a huge fan of cartoons and have watched so many in my lifetime that I’ve probably forgotten a few. Right now, BoJack Horseman and Steven Universe are probably the two best TV shows on the air. And films like Finding Dory and The Secret Lives of Pets are two of the hottest films of an otherwise disappointing summer. Loving cartoons is just who am I.

So join me after the jump for my six favorite cartoon movies of all time — at least right now. Whims and memories could change these at any moment! And feel free to share your own favorites in the comments.

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Review: Wreck-It Ralph

I knew Wreck-It Ralph was going to be good, but I didn’t know it was going to be this good! I can’t remember a cartoon kiddie movie with this many layers, with this much devastation and with more twists and turns than your average Sugar Rush race track. There were several moments in the film where I was very surprised at the latest turn of events, but also in awe at just how well-structured those events were. Wreck-It Ralph is made with obvious forethought, setting up many plot points and story threads that pay off with delightful glee in the end.

Wreck-It Ralph is the rare kids’ movie that doesn’t hold your hand or soften its blows. And for that, I loved it!

Movie rating: 5/5: Great!

Kids are not idiots. When you’re making entertainment for kids, you don’t need to talk down to them and you don’t need to pander to them. Kids may not understand more complex concepts, but deep down, they understand and can appreciate the difference between comedy and tragedy. Wreck-It Ralph is one of those movies that expects its viewers to think, to understand a character’s complex motivations. Why does Ralph want to be a good guy? What does it mean when he hurts his friend in order to help her? These are not simple matters of good guy and bad guy. Ralph can’t just win a medal and expect everything to work out all hunky-dory. He has  to earn his happy ending – and believe me, he does!

The characters are especially fantastic. John C. Reilly as Wreck-It Ralph is a great leading man, who really comes through in the end. Jack McBrayer is a little grating as Fix-It Felix Jr., but then I mostly just feel that way about Jack McBrayer. Alan Tudyk makes a surprising turn as the Candy King, who is a far more complex character than one might think. And the great, glorious Sarah Silverman is beyond adorable as Vanellope the glitch. She has all the cutes. There isn’t a bad character in the bunch.

In a match up between Pixar’s Brave from earlier this summer and Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, it should be no surprise that the one filled to the brim with video game references is by far the best. Suck it, Pixar.

Join me after the jump for the full review. There will be full SPOILERS!

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Sarah Silverman Gets Adorable

In this new Wreck-It Ralph trailer!

I haven’t really liked her cutesy little character so much in the previews we’ve seen, but this time she’s absolutely adorable! I’ve always been a Sarah Silverman fan, but this really raises the bar a lot. If only we could get Vanellope von Schweetz to give us a profanity-laced rant about her Jesus. Now that would be a movie!

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