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That Raunchy Christmas Special You Didn’t Know Was Coming

I am a diner on all manner of modern day cartoons. It’s an interesting landscape, with some bright spots. Hopefully a new, raunchy, stop motion-animated Christmas special will be one of those bright spots. I didn’t even know Santa Inc. was a thing, but here’s a trailer!

It looks fine to me. I like Sarah Silverman. I like Seth Rogen. They want to make a raunchy Santa Claus movie to air on HBO Max? Yeah, sure, I’ll definitely watch. Perhaps it will even be good.

Santa Inc. arrives on Dec. 2.


Sarah Silverman Gets Adorable

In this new Wreck-It Ralph trailer!

I haven’t really liked her cutesy little character so much in the previews we’ve seen, but this time she’s absolutely adorable! I’ve always been a Sarah Silverman fan, but this really raises the bar a lot. If only we could get Vanellope von Schweetz to give us a profanity-laced rant about her Jesus. Now that would be a movie!

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