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Christmas with The LEGO Movie 2!

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is one of my most anticipated movies of the new year! How nice of them to put out a Christmas special for me to post!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

I’ll let you know if I get any awesome presents. I’m definitely giving some, so there’s that!


I Am Not Conflicted About The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

This trailer is amazing, this movie looks amazing and I can’t wait for The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part!

And you should be just as excited. The first The LEGO Movie was possibly the greatest film of the past 20 years, as far as I’m concerned. So I’m super excited for this super sequel!


6 Thoughts On The LEGO Batman Movie

I’m not going to call it the best Batman movie ever made, but Yeehaw, The LEGO Batman Movie is a hoot! Fun, funny and full of Batman-themed hijinks and Easter Eggs, the new sequel is mostly everything you could want from a follow-up to The LEGO Movie — and we’ve still got a proper sequel to that coming down the line!

The LEGO Batman Movie is quality Batman entertainment on a level we just don’t get to see very often. That makes it something special indeed.


Movie Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

The bar has now been set pretty high for the rest of the year full of superhero movies. It’s not insurmountable, but The LEGO Batman Movie was still a blast! It was so good, and I do so enjoy this style of humor, that I’m even considering watching their upcoming Ninjago movie. Hopefully the party doesn’t stop anytime soon.

Join me after the jump for my review of The LEGO Batman Movie!

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My 6 Favorite Animated Movies of All Time (This Week)

I went and saw Kubo and the Two Strings last weekend, excited by the captivating trailers. It was a fine film and quite enjoyable, but not the epic adventure I was hoping to see. A student of art craft would probably love it a lot more, considering all the work that LAIKA studios put into the stop-motion animation. But I’m not very good at marveling at that sort of thing. I just enjoyed a nice movie.

Spoiler Alert: He actually has three strings

And seeing a quality animated film on the big screen has me wondering about all the animated films I’ve loved in the past! I’m a huge fan of cartoons and have watched so many in my lifetime that I’ve probably forgotten a few. Right now, BoJack Horseman and Steven Universe are probably the two best TV shows on the air. And films like Finding Dory and The Secret Lives of Pets are two of the hottest films of an otherwise disappointing summer. Loving cartoons is just who am I.

So join me after the jump for my six favorite cartoon movies of all time — at least right now. Whims and memories could change these at any moment! And feel free to share your own favorites in the comments.

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A Cinematic Robin has Been Confirmed!

Just not the one we’re hoping for.

Michael Cera has been cast as LEGO Robin in the upcoming LEGO Batman spin-off film. I’m fine with Michael Cera, and considering the tone they’re probably going for with a LEGO Batman movie, he’s probably the perfect bit of casting. I just hope they apply some legitimate cleverness to his character and dialogue instead of doing some wimpy Michael Cera riff.

He played Scott Pilgrim, after all…

The LEGO Batman movie will come out in February 2017. I loved The LEGO Movie as much as the next guy (perhaps even more so), but I’m not at all optimistic about the plethora of spin-offs and other attempts to cash in on the success. And does anybody else find it weird that the two guys behind The LEGO Movie, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, are being announced for EVERY movie coming out in the near future? It’s insane!

Still, at least we’ll get one Robin in an upcoming movie…


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