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Some Quality TV Shows Are Coming Back

It’s Friday. The weekend is almost upon us. Sometimes you just wanna be able to be calm and ease into not having to do anything. So with that in mind, how about some simple yet enjoyable TV show trailers?

Solar Opposites is a fun cartoon. All those aliens having wacky adventures and being irreverent. I know I enjoy the show.

Solar Opposites is coming back to Hulu on July 13.

Then we’ve got What We Do In The Shadows, which is always funny and always enjoyable. Last season left off with some pretty great cliffhangers, so we’ll see how those play out.

What We Do In The Shadows returns to FX on July 12.


You Liked Solar Opposites, Right?

That alien show from some of the makers of Rick and Morty is coming back! I liked the first season of Solar Opposites a lot, so it’ll be nice to have another season! Honestly, it would be nice to have more shows in general. I need things to watch! I need things to do!

Looks funny, looks wacky, and it looks like a good time!

Too bad we have to wait all the way until March 26 to get the second season of Solar Opposites!


There’s Gonna Be a New TV Show from Justin Roiland!

I’m a longtime Justin Roiland fan. I was there at the beginning, during the House of Cosbys, before YouTube was even a thing! And, of course, I’m a big fan of Rick and Morty. So how exciting to see he’s got his own show coming up on Hulu in May.

Behold, Solar Opposites!

Looks hilarious! I’m pleased to see that new television will continue to come out in this viral apocalypse. Here’s hoping its even a fraction as good as Rick and Morty. Or even House of Cosbys.

Solar Opposites comes out on May 8.


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