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My 6 Favorite Venture Bros. Characters

The sad news came down yesterday that The Venture Bros. cartoon has been stealth cancelled. The creators were working on the upcoming seasons when they got word several months ago. This is a major shame because The Venture Bros. is one of the greatest cartoons of all time.

Rest well, sweet heroes

As befitting such a great show, I wanted to do a really good List of Six, but honestly, I barely remember anything about the show. I thought about doing my favorite episodes…but that would require an entire rewatch to pick them out. I thought about listing the various unsolved mysteries and storylines that will never get solved…but that would also require an entire rewatch. And we only got the news yesterday! So how about something simple, like my favorite characters from The Venture Bros!

That should be easy! Join me after the jump for my favorite characters from the show. And feel free to share your own in the comments!

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So, uh, The Venture Bros. Has Been Cancelled

2020 continues to extract a heavy toll on all of us. The Venture Bros., one of the greatest television shows of all time, has been quietly cancelled. Apparently it happened months ago while creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer were working on season 8.

This is pretty shocking. The reason for the cancellation hasn’t been revealed yet, but the fact that the show took several years between seasons probably played a part. We’ve only gotten seven seasons over the course of 17 years! I have often complained that it takes too long between seasons, and it would make sense for that to bite the creators in the butt in the end.

Cartoon Network has also posted on Twitter that they hope to continue the story somewhere else. Season 7 was not the planned ending, and considering how The Venture Bros. was all about building up and pushing off stories, it sucks to lose all of that ongoing material.

The Venture Bros. was a defining show for me back during its heyday. I even cosplayed as Henchman 21 at a couple comic book conventions! So it’s sad to see it go…but we all probably should have seen this coming at some point.


And Here’s a Bunch of SDCC TV Trailers!

San Diego Comic-Con keeps rolling along, and it keeps producing quick and easy trailers on YouTube that I can share! I love trailers, and I hope you do too, because here’s a bunch of them for upcoming TV shows!

First up, a full trailer for Disenchanted, the new cartoon from Matt Groening. It looks…OK. A lot of simple jokes. But I have faith. The show goes up on Netflix on Aug. 17.

Then there’s a trailer for the next season of Voltron, which looks awesome. I love this series and can’t wait to buy the Voltron LEGO set in a week! Hopefully I’ll have it in time to watch this new season on Aug. 10!

Then how about the new season of Young Justice. Looks pretty neat. I enjoyed the show the first time it was around, but wasn’t such a super fan that I’m foaming at the mouth over Outsiders. But hey, I’ll always take some nice DC animated superhero stuff.

Then we’ve got a new season of The Venture Bros. coming up. I love the show, but I continue to be annoyed at the release schedule. Every other animated show produces new episodes every year. What is it about The Venture Bros. that requires several years between seasons?

The new season starts Aug. 5.

Finally, here’s a glimpse at upcoming DuckTales episodes. Further fuel for my Disney Expanded Cartoon Universe hopes and dreams!

Oy vey, that was a lot of trailers. And I’m sure there will be more today! So keep tuning in to the madness as I try to keep up!


The Venture Bros. Are Still a Thing!

There’s going to be a brand new one-hour Venture Bros. special airing Monday night! How cool is that? And they’re going into space!

As everyone knows, I’m a huge Venture Bros. fan. This entire blog is kind of named in honor of Henchman 21, who was also my first comic-con cosplay get-up. So believe me when I tell you that I’m a huge Venture Bros. fan. But man, how hard is it to make this show? Why haven’t we seen anything since, like, 2013? Does anybody even remember the last season? I remember that it was over too quickly.

Seriously, though, does anybody know why The Venture Bros. isn’t produced like a regular TV show with regular seasons? I mean, I guess I could do some research and find out for myself…I am a reporter…and I do love the show…

Oh hey! New Age of Ultron trailer!

Get Caught Up on The Venture Bros. with Henchman 21!

It’s been three years since we last saw new episodes of The Venture Bros! How is that possible? What TV show operates like that? My blog, which is ostensibly named after Henchman 21, hasn’t even been around for three years!

But whatever, the show returns tonight with a new episode, and to help get everyone caught up, Adult Swim put out this Youtube video of Henchman 21 narrating the first 4 seasons. It’s quite helpful if, unlike me, you don’t watch the reruns on DVD all the time! Enjoy!

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