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Ducktales, Woo-oo!

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna try to watch the new Ducktales cartoon. I’ve got no reason not to. I loved the original, and I love how well cartoons are made today. I’m confident that the creative minds behind the new Ducktales have put together a quality show.

But maybe I won’t watch, because I’m lazy. At least we have this neat opening theme.

I’ll let you know if I watch. I’m excited for Gizmoduck. And I have to believe that someone, somewhere has discussed including Darkwing Duck in their new universe.



We Can All Breathe a Sigh of Relief, Gizmoduck Will Indeed Be in the New Ducktales Cartoon

If you were anything like me, you were wondering if Gizmoduck would appear in the new Ducktales cartoon. Welp…he will! And he’ll be voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Neat!

Gizmoduck Cartoon 01

Gizmoduck was my favorite character in the original cartoon — because I, uh, like superheroes. So I had my hopes up for the reboot cartoon. This is just a fun bit of confirmation that somethings in this world are A-OK.

Now we just need Darkwing Duck…


The Ducktales Voices Are Going to Take Some Getting Used To

I was a big fan of Ducktales back in the day. Heck, my childhood stuffed animal was Louie, the green one! So it’s gonna be weird to watch the new cartoon with all the new voices.

I love the cast in this cartoon. It’s some of my favorite funny people. But those voices, especially Uncle Scrooge, are going to take some getting used to.


The New Ducktales Cartoon is Going All Out!

Did you know that they’re making a new Ducktales cartoon? The news has been all over the Internet because the marketing team is on point with their attempts at viral videos. Check out this musical one!

Clearly this was built by someone who recognizes how iconic that theme song has become to we now-adults who grew up watching Ducktales. I was one of them. I was right there in the thick of things, as Ducktales was definitely one of my favorite cartoons from my youth. So this video is made expressly for people like me, old fans who are definitely going to check out the new movie. I’m not going to fight it. Why would I? When you’ve got Kate Micucci as Webby and David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck? The casting in this cartoon looks to be kind of insane. I love it already.


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