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The New Darkwing Duck is Free on YouTube!

I’ve really enjoyed the new DuckTales reboot. It’s still humming along nicely after the past few years, and they’ve included more and more cameos from other Disney afternoon cartoons from my childhood.

Well they just did a double-sized special episode about their version of Darkwing Duck! And you can watch the whole thing on YouTube! So why not?

I’m still a little disappointed in how they arrived at their version of Darkwing Duck, but I can live with what’s happened. Especially since they have such fun with it. It’s a quality episode and I look forward to the rest of season 3.


Here’s a Couple of Fun TV Show Trailers!

General anxiety in the face of the coronavirus is pretty strong right now. I’m this close to blowing some $400+ dollars on a Nintendo Switch that I don’t need right now. I’m twitching, people! I’m twitching!

So let’s ease the tension with some fun cartoon show trailers! Like, there’s a new Rick and Morty trailer!

Rick and Morty comes back to TV on May 3! The trailer looks great and I am absolutely looking forward to more Rick and Morty. I’m looking forward to more new shows and enjoyable things to do while I’m stuck at home.

Like, how about new episodes of DuckTales?!

Season 3 has already started, with two new episodes this Saturday! Based on that trailer, we’re going to get that Goofy cameo we were promised! So hopefully this will be a good season.

And hopefully I can use it to stave off my growing need to join the Animal Crossing fun that’s sweeping the nation…


My Disney Dream is Alive and Flourishing!

I am a big fan of the DuckTales revival cartoon. I am an especially big fan of the Expanded Disney Cartoon Universe the showrunners seem to be building. I was worried when they made Darkwing Duck a TV show instead of a superhero…but the most recent episode reversed course, introducing Drake Mallard and making him a real superhero inspired by the show.

Well guess what, folks: all my dreams are coming true! Announced at Comic-Con, there’s going to be a whole party bus full of characters joining the fun!


A lot of them appear on my list of characters I wanted to see on DuckTales.

Let’s run them down:

We’ve got Daisy Duck!


Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers!

TaleSpin is confirmed there in the upper right corner. Only we’re getting Kit Cloudkicker and Molly Cunningham as older characters than their young selves from the original. That could be neat.

Darkwing Duck is coming back, and alongside him is a new Gosalyn!

Bubba the Caveduck!

Gene the Genie!

And it’s hard to make out in the upper right, but to the left of Bubba is a more realistic looking Butterbear the Wuzzle! The Wuzzles are coming!

So yeah, essentially everything I want from the DuckTales cartoon is coming true. Check out Entertainment Weekly for some close-up shots of some of the characters. And this Reddit thread for even more.

You can also check out this nifty trailer, though not all the characters are featured.

This is turning out to be a very fun Comic-Con for me and all my geeky hopes and dreams!



6 Characters I Want to See on DuckTales

The first season of the new DuckTales cartoon has come and gone, but that’s not going to stop me from wildly speculating and gesticulating about what I want to happen next. I’ve been pretty vocal about my hopes and dreams for the Expanded Disney Cartoon Universe. With today’s List of Six, I’m going to solidify those hopes and dreams even more!

Ducktales Character List 01

Season 2 premieres Oct. 20!

The first season of the new DuckTales was chockfull of cameo characters. We had Gladstone Gander, Doofus Drake, Goldie O’Gilt and more classic characters getting new, rebooted appearances. As a fan of classic Disney and duck-related cartoons, this was a real treat…and there are so many more options for season 2!

Join me after the jump for the classic Disney and DuckTales characters I want to see in future seasons of the new show! And share your own hopes and dreams in the comments!

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6 Thoughts on the First Season of DuckTales

The first season of the DuckTales cartoon revival ended a couple weeks ago, and I finally got around to watching the last string of episodes this past weekend, including the epic finale. Considering how much I’ve ranted about the show on this blog, I wanted to give my thoughts on the first season. For the most part, I liked it!

DuckTales Season List 01

TV Show Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

I was originally going to review the first season of Disenchantment, Matt Groening’s new Netflix cartoon, but I immediately lost all interest in that List of Six after I stopped working on it for a couple days. Mostly I just wanted to write about how much I disliked Elfo.

Whereas I like pretty much everybody on DuckTales and I think it’s a worthy reboot of this beloved cartoon from my childhood. It’s got some obvious flaws here and there, but on a whole, it was an enjoyable show. And I’m excited for future seasons.

Join me after the jump for my full review of DuckTales! There will also be FULL SPOILERS for the first season.

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