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“Now They’re Back for One Last Ride…Again!”

So I owe all you henchies an apology. I think my work has been slacking off a bit lately, and I’m just showing a lot of videos. That’s partly because I took on a part-time job, which is helping pay the bills. And also, possibly, because I just started playing The Witcher 3 recently, and man, that game is awesome! But good things are coming to this blogsville, if you’re all still reading! I’ve got big plans going forward.

But until then, here’s the Honest Trailer of the latest Faster & Furious movie, because it’s there and actually kind of funny.

I have never seen a single one of these movies, but kudos to them for not only keeping the franchise alive, but somehow turning it into a billion dollar franchise! Where’d that come from?!


The Rock to Bring Black Adam to the Screen

After weeks of teasing on social media, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson revealed to the world today that he would be playing Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam movie! And much like he did with the death of Osama bin Laden, The Rock announced the casting on Twitter.

Bin Laden didn’t stand a chance

No word yet on when the movie will actually reach the silver screen. And quite frankly, does anybody else remember how the Rock was rumored to play Black Adam several years ago? I can’t just be imagining that.

I guess with the new, enhanced superhero movie schedule, DC and Warner Bros finally had Rock sign on the dotted line.

And honestly, the Rock is the perfect choice to play Black Adam! Not to mention the fact that DC’s growing movieverse could use his charm and personality.

For those who don’t know, Black Adam is the arch-nemesis of the superhero Shazam. I don’t know how well known Shazam is to the rest of the world. Shazam is really 10-year-old Billy Batson, granted the power of the gods from an ancient mystic. Whenever Billy shouts the magic word – “Shazam!” – a magic lightning bolt turns him into the Big Red Cheese.

It makes sense in context

Shazam has been around for decades, and was once known as Captain Marvel. He’s basically a Superman rip-off who got pretty popular in his own right.

Black Adam is one of his many colorful enemies. Black Adam gets his own powers from the same ancient mystic, so he and Shazam are kind of two sides of the same coin.

And, again, the Rock is perfect for the role – should the movie ever actually get made.


The 6 Best of Hercules in Pop Culture

Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! That’s still a reference people get, right? Good. The Rock’s big Hercules movie comes out at the end of this month, and that’s reason enough to celebrate as far as I’m concerned! He’s the Rock! Doing Hercules! It’s kind of perfect, actually.

I’m torn as to whether or not the word ‘smackdown’ should be in this movie

I am a huge fan of Greek myths. I can still remember the Big Book of Greek Myths I used to devour from my middle school library. So seeing a big budget Hercules movie (that isn’t that earlier big budget Hercules movie from January) is kind of a treat. It’s the Rock fighting all the great Greek monsters. That alone should be pretty cool. And you know what else is pretty cool: the idea that people have been playing Hercules for centuries. This is a character that has existed since before the Roman Empire. How cool is it that we, as a society, are still telling the story of Hercules?

And why can we do that? Because nobody owns the rights to Hercules! Anybody can make a Hercules movie or cartoon or video game or comic book…and they have! Join me after the jump to check out the 6 greatest pop culture appearances of the Lion of Greece!

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Hercules: The New Legendary Journeys

So the Rock’s big Hercules movie is due out any week now, and as these things go, they’ve put out another trailer. And it’s…hard to say. I think this trailer puts the final nails in the coffin.

Don’t get me wrong, maybe the movie will be great. The Rock is a pretty awesome guy, and this seems to be a real passion project for him. So maybe there’s hope. But watching that trailer…ugh. It just looks like a big, dumb, action-overloaded historical epic, and I just don’t think the movie-going public cares about that sort of thing. Have they ever?

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