6 Characters The Rock Could Play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Dwayne Johnson is an international treasure. Does there exist a more charismatic and enjoyable human being on the planet? Who also has good moral values and a such a big heart? That The Rock has taken over Hollywood is just about the most delightful thing that could happen to Hollywood. And you best believe I’m going to see his new movie Rampage this weekend!

So where could Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Rock Marvel List 01

Who cares about giant gorillas, wolves and crocodiles?

Why not bring together the two best things in Hollywood? Marvel and The Rock! Yes, he’s apparently going to play Black Adam for DC Comics, but it’s not like that movie is in production or anything. And it’s not like he’s going to show up as the villain in the Shazam movie, which is in production. DC is clearly wasting whatever contract they currently have with The Rock! He should jump ship and make a real explosive entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

But who could he play? Which Marvel heroes or villains are bold enough for The Rock? Join me after the jump for some of my ideas!

6. Hercules

Rock Marvel List 02

Based on the 2014 movie of the same name

Nobody could pull off the boisterous hilarity and strength of Marvel’s Hercules like The Rock. The Rock has also played Hercules before in a movie, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch. Heck, they could retroactively make The Rock’s Hercules movie part of the MCU! Wouldn’t that be the bee’s knees? At any rate, The Rock could definitely make this role work, and just picture him on some kind of buddy adventure with the Thor we got in Thor: Ragnarok! That would be a blast! My only hesitation is that adding the Greek pantheon into the MCU on top of the Norse pantheon might be asking a bit too much of audiences. Hercules is hardly a must-have character in the MCU.

Just because something is easy does not mean it should happen.

5. Kraven the Hunter

Rock Marvel List 03

Already dresses like a professional wrestler

I’m not as big a fan of Kraven the Hunter as most people, but I think he could make for a solid adversary for one of the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming sequels. And The Rock has the build, ferocity and jungle movie experience to pull off the role nicely. Kraven is a weird character and he would benefit from The Rock’s charisma to make him really meaningful in a film.

4. Mach V/Atlas

Rock Marvel List 04

The poor man’s Robert Downey Jr.

This might take awhile, but someday Marvel can get around to making the Thunderbolts. They’re a great concept: villains posing as heroes, who then decide that they like being heroes. The Thunderbolts are one of Marvel’s mid-level franchises, which makes them perfect for using The Rock’s star power to lift them up! The Rock could play a beefy Abner Jenkins, arguably the lead character of the series (alongside love interest Songbird). That would be pretty fun! Or The Rock could be Atlas, the team’s version of Giant-Man. Obviously his physique would make him more Atlas, but if you’re going to have The Rock, put him in the lead role.

I suppose Atlas could be made into the lead role, but I’m a huge Abe Jenkins fan, and this is my blog, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to cater to changes like that!

3. Rhino

Rock Marvel List 05

Doesn’t the Rock love smashing through walls?

There is a lot of sympathy that can be built into the Rhino character, if you try hard enough. He can be a big, dumb brute — like in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie — or he can be a human being trapped in this dangerous Rhino costume, experimented on against his will and forced to lead a life of crime. The Rock obviously has the physique to play the Rhino without too many prosthetics or a giant CGI mech suit, and he also has the chops to make him both a fun and tragic character. Perhaps he just wanted to help his family and got suckered into being some mad scientist’s experiment? And now he can’t live any sort of normal life because he’s stuck as a Rhino monster! It could be pretty tragic!

I also think the Rhino could work as a villain for both Spider-Man and Black Panther! He could jump franchises!

2. Taskmaster

Rock Marvel List 06

Likely colorblind

Taskmaster is a badass mercenary ass-kicker with the power to mimic anybody’s moves just from watching them. Taskmaster could watch a Bruce Lee movie and be just as good at martial arts as Lee. This makes him a great Captain America foe. If one assumes that Marvel will make Bucky the new Captain America after Chris Evans retires, he’s going to need someone to have fisticuffs with! The Taskmaster is the perfect choice for a good hands-on villain, and The Rock is the perfect choice to make the Taskmaster truly threatening and wicked.

Obviously Marvel will have to do something about that costume, though.

1. The Thing

Rock Marvel List 07

The role he was born to play!

How do you differentiate the MCU Fantastic Four from the multiple earlier versions? By making The Rock into a living rock monster as The Thing! Make him the big, boisterous star and use every “rock” pun imaginable in the PR to turn one of the strongest dudes in the world into one of the strongest dudes in the Marvel Universe! The Rock can play the tragic, melancholy aspects of the Thing, too, but you won’t find anyone with a bigger, more energetic style than The Rock to handle all the clobberin’! And then you’ve got The Rock vs. the Hulk to look forward to! The Rock is the surefire solution to help make an MCU Fantastic Four go down smooth.

Honorable Mention: Uncle Ben

Rock Marvel List 08

You’re welcome

I’m just saying, we don’t know what Uncle Ben even looks like in the MCU. If Aunt May is Marisa Tomei, there’s no reason Uncle Ben couldn’t be The Rock! Who better to teach Peter Parker about power and responsibility than the most powerful man on Earth?!


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  1. Hi there,I read your blogs named “6 Characters The Rock Could Play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe | Henchman-4-Hire” regularly.Your writing style is awesome, keep up the good work! And you can look our website about proxy list.

  2. Samuel L Jackson won’t be Nick Fury forever. I see him taking over SHEILD as G W Bridge and being a more hands on action hero.

  3. The Rock as Hercules? Feels like it’s been done. As the Thing? That’s a bad costume/CGI gig and doesn’t need that big dollar guy playing it. Uncle Ben? What were you smoking on that day? You wanna give the man a role, have him play Strong Guy. Johnson is about the only person who could pull it off.

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