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The Rings of Power Continues to Look Impressive, At Least

I have not yet watched the first episode of the new Game of Thrones show on HBO Max. I have zero interest in this high budget prequel series to an existing prestige TV show. Likewise, I have zero interest in the high budget prequel series to an existing prestige series of movies. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power looks impressive, but man, I just don’t care.

So because of a licensing conundrum, Amazon is gonna try to cobble together a show based on Lord of the Rings appendixes? Bwuh? Galadriel is gonna get up to some fightin’ in the long past with no discernable storyline? I just don’t care. But, you know, I’ll probably watch the show eventually. It’s what I do. I watch things.

The Rings of Power comes out on Sept. 2.


The Rings of Power Hasn’t Hooked Me Yet

There’s going to be a big, expensive Lord of the Rings TV show. It’s going to be set millennia before the movies, focusing on some supplemental material from J.R.R. Tolkien. It’s going to be called The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime, and it’s going to look like this.

And I don’t think it looks like anything. This trailer looks gorgeous. Clearly the money was spent on big CGI landscapes. Because all the character scenes look far less expensive. And none of them are talking about anything interesting. It all looks really cool. But this trailer doesn’t reveal anything about plot or story or characters that gets me excited.

It looks like Amazon put all of their money into making this big show, but have probably failed to come up with any sort of story worth telling.

I hope I’m wrong, obviously. I’m going to watch this show. There’s no reason the showrunners and writers can’t have come up with something really great, that just so happens to have billion-dollar CGI landscapes.

So I’m going to keep my hopes up for when The Rings of Power premieres on Sept. 2!


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