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HISHE Goes the Extra Brick For LEGO Batman!

Those funny people at How It Should Have Ended are back again to give my lazy, sweltering Monday something funny to share. Seriously, though, it’s 90-degrees for, like, the second day in a row. I’m only human here!

Anyway, LEGO Batman!

That’s definitely going the extra mile! Using stop-motion LEGO animation to recreate and re-end the end to that movie? Brilliant! Good work, all you crazy people, you!


6 Thoughts On The LEGO Batman Movie

I’m not going to call it the best Batman movie ever made, but Yeehaw, The LEGO Batman Movie is a hoot! Fun, funny and full of Batman-themed hijinks and Easter Eggs, the new sequel is mostly everything you could want from a follow-up to The LEGO Movie — and we’ve still got a proper sequel to that coming down the line!

The LEGO Batman Movie is quality Batman entertainment on a level we just don’t get to see very often. That makes it something special indeed.


Movie Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

The bar has now been set pretty high for the rest of the year full of superhero movies. It’s not insurmountable, but The LEGO Batman Movie was still a blast! It was so good, and I do so enjoy this style of humor, that I’m even considering watching their upcoming Ninjago movie. Hopefully the party doesn’t stop anytime soon.

Join me after the jump for my review of The LEGO Batman Movie!

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I Was Not Prepared For This Monday

I don’t know what crazy partying I did this weekend, but apparently it caused me to push off all blog prep for today. So in lieu of an actually interesting thing to read, here’s a fun featurette on The LEGO Batman Movie!

Comes out in, like, two weeks! So excited!

Also, keep staying tuned, because I might have some really cool blog news to share this week!


Wonder Twins LEGOs, You Guys!

A new mini-trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie came out this weekend, and while it’s great, it also features something truly special: Wonder Twins LEGOs! Keep your eyes peeled at 1:24 in the video for the specialness.

That’s just plain fun.

The trailer is good too. This movie is going to be all manner of amazing. Cannot wait. Maybe the most anticipated movie of 2017? Yeah, maybe.


The LEGO Batman Movie Looks Just as Good as The LEGO Movie

I do no sling this praise around lightly. The LEGO Movie was a gorram masterpiece — though at this point, I’ve seen it so many times that the shine has kind of worn off. Regardless, it’s great, and the sequel about LEGO Batman and Robin looks just as amazing.

Hilarious! Masterful! The LEGO Batman Movie is looking like another bit of glory and goodness. Can’t wait!


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