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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Has Sins, Too

Despite Cinema Sins getting knocked down a few notches a few weeks ago, they still have a good time with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You just gotta take everything they say with a grain of salt.

They’re definitely right about that ending, though…


Speaking of The Force Awakens…

The Honest Trailers people have finally tackled Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Good for them.

They’ve also got a new show coming out called ‘After Credits’, which they’re making with the How It Should Have Ended people. The parody groups are coming together! They’re uniting, hopefully for the betterment of us all.


This Video Contains a Ton of My Favorite Things

Internet parodies, LEGOs and Star Wars come together in How The Force Awakens Should Have Ended!

It’s funny, it’s awesome and it’s an all-around good time. The How It Should Have Ended folks did an earlier Force Awakens bit, but I prefer when things are done in LEGO. Oh and hey, the DVD comes out today too! Neat.


How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Should Have Ended

Let the cavalcade of Internet teasing of The Force Awakens begin!

That’s some good, quality teasing. And I loved the very ending, with Finn and Poe. That’s good stuff! HISHE was on point this time around.

Now we sit back and wait for the Honest Trailer and Cinema Sins!


Saturday Night Live Does Star Wars

Good times, good times, Adam Driver was the host of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and they had some fun with Kylo Ren!

I don’t watch SNL anymore (not that I ever did watch it live…), but I love me some good Star Wars humor as much as the next fan!


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