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The 6 Villains I Would Use in a Dark Avengers Movie

One of the fun bits of Marvel Cinematic Universe news to come out of New York Comic-Con was that Marvel has commissioned a script for a Dark Avengers movie. That sounds good to me! They’ve got to try new and interesting things in Phase 4, and a team-up movie about a bad guy Avengers sounds as good as anything.

Dark Avengers List 01

None of them will be in this movie

Technically speaking, the Dark Avengers from the comics were a team of villains put together to operate as the real Avengers under the dark reign of Norman Osborn. As far as the public knew, Osborn was a good guy, and the Avengers were the Avengers, even though he had Bullseye posing as Hawkeye, Venom posing as Spider-Man, Moonstone posing as Ms. Marvel and Daken posing as Wolverine, among other notable members like Ares and Sentry. So we’ve got villains posing as classic heroes to the public.

I doubt any of that is going to happen in the MCU. None of those characters are set up and sticking to the comics would make no sense. So if we had to put together a Dark Avengers based on the existing MCU, who should we put on the team? I have some ideas!

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 10/17/15

Another week, another new batch of All-New, All-Different Marvel comics! I’d love to read and review every single one, but I’m a busy man, especially this week. Did you hear about that murder at the church in upstate New York? That’s right in my backyard, and as the local newspaper reporter, I’m all over that stuff!

Fortunately, I still found time to read some new comics! And it was another good week! I scoped out the first issues of Chewbacca and New Avengers, and enjoyed a few of my favorites from DC Comics, like Starfire and Harley Quinn. But the clear standout and winner of Comic Book of the Week is Ms. Marvel #19.

Was there really any doubt?

It’s the end of the world, and they know it

I can’t wait for this series to come back from hiatus!

Comic Reviews: Batman #45, Batman and Robin Eternal #2, Chewbacca #1, Harley Quinn #21, Ms. Marvel #19, New Avengers #1 and Starfire #5.

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Things That Make Me Happy: Action Figures of My Favorite Characters

I’m a pretty big action figure guy. I’ve been that way since I was a kid. They’re one of the purest forms of superhero memorabilia, and I just love collecting them and putting them on display on my Geek Wall…ladies. Anyway, Comic-Con is usually a great place for companies to show off their latest action figures. Comic-Con International was no exception, and I spotted some awesome action figures I’ll want to grab when they go on sale!

Such as Songbird, who recently topped my list for characters who should be Avengers.

She’s big on Twitter

Unfortunately, she’s wearing her crummy new costume, where she looks like some shrill punk rocker. Ugh. Still, Songbird action figure!

Then there’s Boomerang, the star of the new Superior Foes of Spider-Man comic, which I loved.

Boomerangs never go out of style

Fortunately, he’s wearing his awesome new costume! So I’m excited about that. I’ve got to get Boomerang. He’s a must.

And here’s Batroc ze Leaper! He’s going to be appearing in the upcoming Captain America sequel.

The man, the myth, the mustache

Though he probably won’t look quite so ridiculous.

You can check out the full list of new Marvel action figures by clicking here. Sadly, no Multiple Man, yet again.

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