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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 7/26/14

Wow, what a week for DC Comics! I bet they planned it this way, to align with San Diego Comic-Con: new issues of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all came out this week. And technically, Batman and Robin also came out, so there are your four major DC characters all in one week. Heck, new issues of Aquaman and Flash also came out this week. We practically had a full Justice League in solo comics! Neat!

And they were all pretty good quality too! At least the ones I read. Batman brought Zero Year to a close. Wonder Woman keeps blazing towards a climactic ending. And Superman keeps insisting that new character Ulysses is interesting! That part’s not going very well.

On the Marvel side, we’ve got…Amazing Spider-Man. That’s the only Marvel Comic I really read this week. Though I did read and review Storm #1 for Word of the Nerd! I felt that issue deserved a bigger review, so check that out. Comic Book of the Week goes to Batman and Robin #33, for a damn cool and exciting issue that really proves the kind of man Batman can be.

Though moment of the week goes to Wonder Woman #33 – even if that issue was also full of bad moments.

We’ll get to the bad moments in the actual review.

Comic Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #4, Batman #33, Batman and Robin #33, Batman Eternal #16, Superman #33 and Wonder Woman #33.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 4/19/14

This week was another wallet-busting week of comics. I may have to hold back on my caviar sandwiches if I hope to afford all of them! Fortunately, that means there were a lot of good comics in my pile this week, and I love me some good comics.

Plus, there were a whole bunch of DC titles that I read this week! We’ve got reviews for Batman, Wonder Woman and Batwoman, as if they all combined somehow. There’s also the latest issues of Batman Eternal and Harley Quinn, as well as the first issue of the new Sinestro solo series! Now there is a character I’m excited about!

On the Marvel side of things, the final issue of Superior Spider-Man hit the stands and it is…a nice conclusion. It’s not as amazing as I was hoping it would be. Instead, it seems more like Dan Slott and Marvel are in a rush to get to the new status quo of the new Amazing Spider-Man. Can’t say I blame them. We’ve also got new issues of Uncanny X-Men and the utterly fantastic Ms. Marvel, which wins Comic Book of the Week for sheer greatness and adorability.

She also uses ‘Embiggen’, making her the coolest teenager ever

I wonder what a younger, superhero-loving Sean would think about the fact that one of my favorite comics right now is about the awkward youth of a teenage girl. Of course, Young Sean was a big fan of The Secret World of Alex Mack, so there is a precedence.

Comic Reviews: Batman #30, Batman Eternal #2, Batwoman #30, Harley Quinn #5, Ms. Marvel #3, Sinestro #1, Superior Spider-Man #31, Uncanny X-Men #20 and Wonder Woman #30.

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Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews – 9/14/13

Villains Month continues this week at DC Comics, and I’m enjoying it well enough so far. It’s a marketing stunt, and I’m OK with DC going all out for their marketing stunts. It appears to me like they’re using a few up and coming writers to actually pen the dialogue, so that’s pretty cool. I’m disappointed that Geoff Johns didn’t write out Black Manta #1, but he plotted it, and writer Tony Bedard did well enough.

Speaking of Villains Month, this week was the debut of the new Lobo. Does he live up to the controversy? Read ahead and see.

Comic Book of the Week goes to Mighty Avengers #1. There were some good Villains Month issues, but Mighty Avengers exceeded expectations in ways I did not predict. It might actually turn out to be a pretty good comic. With some pretty fun characters, like this guy…

Comic Reviews: Avengers #19, Black Manta #1, Lobo #1, Mighty Avengers #1, Riddler #1, and X-Men #5.

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Nananananananananananananananana Fan Film!

A brilliant fan film, posted to Youtube by Bryan Nest. In the months following Harvy Dent’s death, the Dark Knight faces a new menace in the form of Zsasz, the Ventriloquist, and a rogue FBI agent named Edward Nigma who’s determined to bring the Batman down at all costs.

I Beat the Riddler!

I did it! I’ve defeated the Riddler in Batman: Arkham City! I scoured the game world for all the Riddler trophies, puzzles and collectibles (well, almost all of them, turns out you don’t need every single one), I only looked on the Internet a few times and then I took him down before he ever realized what was happening! Ha! I am the best Batman around! This game was fantastic!

So many characters! So many nooks and crannies to explore! So much Batman depth! This game was a comic book geek’s dream come true! And Riddler was the last, toughest guy to catch!

Now he’s my bitch.

Let's all just forget about Jim Carrey

A lot of people don’t give the Riddler enough credit. There’s a lot more to him than just the guy who tells Batman what his next crime is going to be through sometimes easy riddles. The crime is hardly the point. Riddler isn’t out for riches. He isn’t out to steal anything. He’s out to prove that he is smarter than the Batman. That’s why he gives those clues, that’s why he leaves those hints. The day Batman is unable to solve a riddle is the day Riddler wins!

To quote a recent Riddler puzzle I saw online, “What makes life worth living is competing against the very best. Someone who can figure out my plan as I tell it to him. After all, if I didn’t tell him my plans, they’d just…succeed. How is that fun? You see, we’re playing no-limit, world-level death chest…and he’s the only other Grandmaster around.”

That wonderfully sums up the Riddler.

But now that I’ve beaten Arkham City…what comes next? Tune in tomorrow for the 6 things I want to see in the third Batman: Arkham game.

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