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Everybody Loves Pokemon, Honestly!

I enjoyed Pokemon Sun and Moon. It had some unique twists to the same old story, and the graphics were just super. There’s a new, super version coming out soon, but I think I’ll pass…or maybe I’ll buy it! I haven’t decided yet! Either way, here’s an Honest Trailer!

Good times. I think fun was had by all.


What If Iron Man and Spider-Man Were Pokemon Trainers?

Remember when the Cartoon Hooligans made a cartoon about Batman and Superman as Pokemon trainers? Well they’ve done it again!

This is good, quality Internet content. The exact sort of fun cartoon geeky silliness that I come to love and depend on. Go Internet!


The Internet Delivers Batman and Superman as Pokemon Trainers

The Internet is an amazing place filled with amazing people. Today, I bring you one of the neatest things ever: a fully-animated cartoon where Batman and Superman are Pokemon trainers. This is wild, people.

We have the Cartoon Hooligans to thank for this one. I bet they make a lot of cartoons. You should go check them out to prove me right! For now, good job, animators!


6 Thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon

The new Elite Four stands defeated. The Ultra Beasts are in my grasp. Even Necrozma is mine to command. I have defeated Pokemon Moon — almost, there are still a few random battles to fight and meadows to explore. But still, I’ve logged upwards of 50 hours into Pokemon Moon and had a blast! This was a great game and a ton of fun, and now it’s time for a recap.

Video Game Rating: 8/10 – Very Good.

I loved the new Pokemon. I loved the new story. I had a blast designing my character and adventuring across the wilderness with her. Like every Pokemon game for a good, long while now, I played a girl named Whistler, to honor my fan fiction character from high school. And Pokemon Moon was so good, I’m considering starting a second play through, as long as I can figure out the best way to move some Pokemon from my current save file into a new one.

Anyway, join me after the jump for a semi-review and six thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon!

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Pokemon Day is Finally Here!

At long last, Pokemon Sun and Moon are in stores! I’ll be grabbing my copy after I drag myself through a day of work! To tide me over, here is the Honest Trailers treatment for the previous generation.

Have you henchies finalized your Pokemon plans yet? I definitely think I’ll be getting Pokemon Moon and playing with Litten.


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