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Prepare for M.O.D.O.K. TV!

Against all odds, the MODOK cartoon show is coming to Hulu very soon! Patton Oswalt’s take on the big-headed villain is the only show to survive that weird lineup of announced Marvel cartoons from a couple years ago. Could any of them have been good? Who knows! But MODOK does look legitimately funny.

I’m a big Patton Oswalt fan, as I assume most people are. And yeah, this looks good. Some funny jokes. Some cool guest appearances. A solid concept. I’ve seen a clip or two here or there and it looks great! Here’s hoping its even a fraction as hilarious as the Harley Quinn cartoon.

MODOK arrives on Hulu on Ma 21!


The MODOK TV Show is Coming in May!

Once upon a time, Marvel announced a whole lineup of weird and eclectic shows for Hulu. Remember the Dazzler/Tigra show? Or Hit Monkey? What a time to be alive. Anyway, the only one that’s still standing is a Patton Oswalt-driven MODOK show! And here’s a new trailer!

This could be good. This could be funny. I’m a huge Patton Oswalt fan, so that’s a plus. The animation looks really fun, and I like some of the humor. Cartoons are brilliant these days. If this show is a fraction as fun as Harley Quinn, it would be special. So I’m going to get my hopes up and hope this MODOK show is worthwhile.

MODOK comes to Hulu on May 21.


I’m Just Gonna Make This Patton Oswalt Week

Comedian Patton Oswalt made my List of Six this week of my favorite stand-up comedians, and that just so happens to coincide with Patton’s appearance on Screen Junkies talking about his Dream Sequel to Unbreakable. So I’ve decided to share the video and make this an unofficial Patton Oswalt Week!

I don’t know if I’ve ever played the Dream Sequel game. I know a few movies that should have sequels, but I don’t think I’ve ever planned out any of them in my mind. It sounds like an awesome game. And I trust Patton Oswalt’s taste in geeky ideas. This was a fun video, especially since I’m a huge Unbreakable fan. That movie is awesome.


So This Happened, and the Internet Giggled at Itself

Remember Patton Oswalt’s awesome Star Wars/Avengers/Wrath of the Titans movie mash-up? The Internet sure does.

Good times. I say this a lot, but it bears repeating: I love the Internet. Posted by iZacLess.

Movie Posters: One Real, and One We All Wish Was Real

Hey hey folks, let’s start this week off with a couple of movie posters that popped onto the Internet late last week. First up is the first poster for Thor: The Dark World, which conveniently enough shows Thor!

Hammer? Check. Lightning? Check. Blonde hair? Check!

He’s looking mighty Thory. I suppose it’s just an early promotional poster, nothing that really says ‘Dark World’ to me. But I’m sure it’s just the beginning of the Thor promotional campaign. Hard to believe Thor’s sequel comes out later this year. ¬†There are so many other superhero movies to worry about first. I wonder why they didn’t want to release Thor 2 during the Summer?

I’m also hoping we get a Thor teaser trailer to go with Iron Man 3, which comes out next week!

Now here is a poster that represents the ultimate culmination of everything awesome about the Internet. It’s a fan-made poster for Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Episode VII rant from Parks and Recreation!¬†

I hope someone gave Patton Oswalt a framed copy

The actual Parks & Rec episode was nowhere near as cool as the unedited Patton rant. But the idea that someone out there in fan land, I believe working for Entertainment Weekly, went and photoshopped this awesome poster is just another reason why I love the Internet!

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