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Runaways Finally Gets a Really Good Trailer

I didn’t care for the first trailer we had for the upcoming Runaways TV show. Thankfully, we’ve randomly got a second one! It’s much better!

We also get a bunch of special effects shots, so that’s cool. I’m excited for the show. I think I’ve heard good things. And I’ve even heard that they might address the Tina Minoru connection to the Doctor Strange movie! That would be great!



Runaways Trailer Needs Some Work

I’m looking forward to the Runaways TV show. It’s a great comic and a good story premise, and everything we’ve seen so far has it out to be a solid show. It looks like they’re going to stick pretty close to the real comic.

But that trailer is pretty crummy. It’s crumpled and, I think, fails to get the basic premise across. How does that even happen? We’re living in a Golden Age of movie trailers. Marvel couldn’t get somebody to do better work on that thing?

Runaways comes out on Hulu on November 21.


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