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Apocalypse Cancelled This Friday

Less than a week until Pacific Rim debuts and they cranked out yet another trailer! Good for them.

I’ve been posting these trailers right along, even though they’re all mostly the same footage and dialogue. But each one has been fun. And they haven’t dulled my excitement any. I’ll definitely be seeing Pacific Rim this weekend. How about you?

So is the Apocalypse Cancelled or Not?

Inexplicably, there’s yet another Pacific Rim trailer! I’m not complaining, mind you, but how many of these are they going to make?

I guess projections for Pacific Rim just aren’t good so far. Why is that? How can anybody predict how well or how poorly the movie is going to do? I’m fired up and pumped for this film. I’m going to be there opening weekend! I want to see giant robots fighting giant monsters, gosh darn it! But I guess some people aren’t? You’d think with all these trailers they would have at least thrown in some kind of romantic subplot, right? Isn’t Hollywood cynical enough to think they need to appease women by throwing in a romantic subplot? Maybe a human falls in love with a monster. It could happen!

I Support All Things Pacific Rim and Idris Elba

Apparently Pacific Rim is still coming out with new trailers. And like I predicted the last time I posted a trailer, each and every one of them has feature star Idris Elba’s big line: “We are canceling the Apocalypse!” Now it seems the trailers love that line so much, they’ve built an entire trailer around it.

It’s a great line, sure, but now when I actually see it in the movie, it’s not going to have any effect on me because I’ve been oversaturated with cancelled Apocalypses.

Hopefully There is More Than Just One Line of Idris Elba Dialogue in Pacific Rim

OK, so the ‘cancelling the Apocalypse’ line is pretty damn amazing, but every single Pacific Rim trailer has used it as the hook! By the time the movie comes out, it’s going to lose all meaning!

Not that it’s going to deter me from seeing this awesome movie. But knowing there are some other cool lines of dialogue in the film would make it more exciting. I’m just saying.

Pacific Rim Makes Me Wish We Really Lived in a World of Giant, Evil Monsters

Want a little bit of awesome to get you through the day? Check out this new Pacific Rim trailer!

Holy damn, people! That looks awesome! That’s a get up out of your seat and pump your fists in the air sort of trailer. Then at the end, when the robot used the giant ship like a baseball bat? Daa-AAmn! Though I do notice that we’re not getting much in the way of story in these trailers. I doubt the movie is just going to be 2 hours of giant robots fighting giant monsters…but I think I would be totally OK with that!

Also, did you guys know Charlie Day was in this film? That’s even more awesome! I guess we know which It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor is actually going to have a career when the show’s over.

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