6 Other Transformers Who Need to be LEGO

The LEGO Optimus Prime was released today and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. This is a set that’s existed in my wildest dreams, something I mentioned in a LEGO want list years ago. A LEGO Transformer that actually transforms? The future is now!

You will be mine

But Optimus Prime should just be the start. I don’t see why LEGO can’t do a whole line of these Transformers. It’s going to cost some money for the licensing, but this is a world we all want to inhabit. And I just so happen to have a list of Transformers I’d like to see turned into LEGO. Is this also a list of my favorite Transformers? Yeah, maybe.

Join me after the jump for six Transformers that need to follow Optimus Prime in getting big, fancy, fully transformable LEGO sets!

6. Classic Bumblebee


Who doesn’t love the look and design of the original VW Bug? Obviously the people who may the Transformers movies, when they turned Bumblebee into a Camaro. But his original Volkswagen model is too good to leave behind. And I bet it would make for a fun LEGO. Have they ever down a VW Bug before? I know there’s a LEGO VW van out there. So this would kill two birds with one brick.

5. Any Maximal

Happier times

I watched the original Transformers cartoon, but ultimately, I was much more of a Beast Wars fan. Now that was a great show. And I would be happy with any of the Maximals to be turned into LEGO models. Optimus Primal. Rattrap. Rhinox. My personal favorite is Silverbolt, but I doubt they’d go with him. LEGO has done a lot of great animal sets, so an animal Transformer would be quite fun.

4. Junkheap

It’s a rough job, but somebody’s got to do it

I am fascinated with the idea of a garbage truck Transformer. A truck with a licensed Waste Management design popped up in one of the Transformers movies and I loved the idea. There are too many sports cars and jets. I want a Transformer with some character in the vehicle. I don’t think Junkheap has been expanded upon beyond some quick cameo movies, or if there’s a better garbage truck Transformer in the lore. I just like the idea of a garbage truck Transformer.

3. Any of the Constructicons

That green is a choice

Dare we dream of LEGO going so far as to make a combiner? That’s six different Transformers who combine into one larger Megazord of a Transformer. Well I dared to dream when I made this list in the first place, so why not go a step further? But then I’d be happy with any one individual Constructicon. Construction vehicles are cool. Does LEGO make regular models of construction vehicles? Surely they must.

2. Grimlock

Simple and awesome

LEGO has been doing a lot of good work with Tyrannosaurus Rexes as of late. There’s a couple of different Jurassic Park sets with some good T-Rex models. So why not just take the next logical step and turn the T-Rex LEGO sets into Transformers? Grimlock combines the best of all worlds. He deserves a big, thunderous LEGO model.

1. Inferno

Some Transformers also had jobs

This is an incredibly biased list and I am not ashamed of that. Inferno is my favorite Transformer. Both because he was the one original Transformer toy I actually owned, and because I like Transformers with unique vehicle modes. Firetrucks will always be cool, and the firetruck Transformer is a really cool dude already. LEGO loves doing firetrucks. Now they just need to bring them all together.



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