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Centaurworld and He-Man Are Coming Back!

I am a big fan of cartoons. And we live in a day and age where there are just a metric ton of fun new cartoons coming out every day. I recently finished the first season of Inside Job on Netflix. Have you heard of that one? I’m pretty sure it flew entirely under the radar. But I watched both that and Chicago Party Aunt this fall, both of which are pretty watchable. We are surely living in a post-Rick and Morty cartoon world.

At any rate, all of this build up is to share two fun trailers for upcoming second seasons. First up is Masters of the Universe: Revelations, the follow up to that apparently controversial first season, because the internet breeds nothing but contempt. I liked the first season, and I look forward to the second.

For one thing, that trailer had an appropriate amount of Ram-Man. Season 2 arrives on Nov. 23, so basically a week from now. That’s pretty cool!

Second, we’ve got the trailer for the second season of Centaurworld, which is great, because I didn’t know it was getting a second season. Centaurworld flew so far under the radar that I was really excited about watching it…and yet I still forgot it existed for at least two months. But then I did watch it and I did enjoy it!

Centaurworld season 2 arrives on Dec. 7! So you’ve got plenty of time to watch the first season to be all caught up. We’ve got some great cartoons and shows ahead of us through the end of the year!


So, Masters of the Universe: Revelation Looks Great!

I missed posting the first trailer when it came out a couple weeks ago, but thankfully we’ve got a new trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation so I now have an excuse to post them both! Behold the epic fantasy of the latest He-Man cartoon relaunch!

It looks great! It looks action-packed and dripping in lore and mythology. It looks like people took some real time and effort to plot out and plan how to bring back He-Man with some oomph. That sounds good to me.

I was a big He-Man fan when I was a kid. It was definitely part of my 80s childhood rotation of Ninja Turtles/G.I. Joe/Transformers and more. So I’m all in favor of this cartoon. I’m still a little disappointed that He-Man never had a guest appearance on She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, but time will heal that wound.

If Masters of the Universe: Revelation has even a fraction of the storytelling prowess of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power then we are in for a good time!

He-Man returns, on Netflix, on July 23.


Those Maniacs! They Blew It Up! My She-Ra Dreams Are Dead!

God damn you all to Hell! Kevin Smith has announced that he’s going to showrun a Netflix revival of the original Masters of the Universe cartoon from the 1980s. Not a reboot, but a continuation of wherever that original He-Man cartoon left off. Ridiculous.

It’s going to be called Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

HeMan Revelation 01

First of all, what a dumb name. Could you be any more generic? Did someone not like Masters of the Universe: Vengeance?

Second of all, who really cares or remembers how the original 1980s cartoon left off? I watched that cartoon as lovingly as I watched all the other 80s cartoons and I don’t care one lick! I know that original Masters of the Universe fans still exist, but come oooon. Are those few people really so passionate as to catch Netflix’s attention? So much so that it has to be a continuation and not a reboot?

Third of all, I’m just really salty that this garbage is probably going to supersede He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cast joining the amazing She-Ra and the Princesses of Power cartoon. I just did a List of Six about this, people! That’s supposed to be part of the She-Ra endgame!

Grumble grumble.


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