6 Masters of the Universe Characters I Want to See in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Forgive the long title, but I wanted both properties to get full recognition. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power released its third season on Friday — or, more correctly, it released the second half of its second season. But semantics aside, season 3 was amazing! The story got deeper and cooler, the action was crazy, the characters were amazing, and Entrapta is still the best princess!

She Ra New Characters List 01

I shoulda just used a picture of Entrapta

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power gets my highest TV show recommendation. It expertly crafts character and narrative into a real barn burner of a story, with intense action and some of the best character drama in animation today. It’s also so darn good at re-using classic Masters of the Universe characters.

Tung Lashor makes a surprise appearance in a season 3 episode, which got my brain whirring about other classic toyline characters I want to see in the new cartoon. Specifically, I want He-Man and She-Ra crossover characters! Season 3 reveals more about Adora’s mysterious origins, and it’s got me hoping that the show will eventually be allowed to introduce her twin brother, Adam. Much like how the DuckTales cartoon is bringing in so many classic Disney cartoon afternoon characters, I want She-Ra and the Princesses of Power to eventually open up to a full-on Masters of the Universe revival!

And when it does, these are the characters I personally want to show up! Join me after the jump!

6. He-Man

She Ra New Characters List 02

Look! They already know each other! It won’t be weird!

He-Man is the first and most obvious choice, so let’s just get him out of the way. He-Man is the twin brother to Adora, so if the show explores her family, he’s sure to show up. She-Ra already name drops “Eternia” and “Grayskull”, and I have no doubt in my mind that the showrunners have given some thought to how they’d introduce He-Man. I want it. You want it. Everybody wants it to happen eventually. So I’m going to hold out hope for as long as humanly possible.

5. Ram Man

She Ra New Characters List 03

He looks pretty dumb…

Ram Man is one of two characters on this list who are on this list because I owned their action figures when I was a kid. Ram Man had a special action figure with spring-loaded legs so that he could ram things. Just look at him! A short, squat, brickhouse-looking fella who rams his metal helmet into bad guys. Ram Man is everything right with the world of toy-based animated cartoons of the 1980s, and I want to see him get a modern She-Ra makeover!

4. Stinkor

She Ra New Characters List 04

Boys will be boys and toys will be toys

I never owned the Stinkor action figure but he’s too much fun not to show up in the modern cartoon. The great thing about Stinkor is that his action figure actually stunk! They chemically treated the figures to give off a pungent odor, because action figure technology was in its heyday in the 80s. Stinkor never made it into the actual 80s cartoons, but the sheer hilarity of the character needs to be given new and exciting life! She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is not above a good fart joke. Or if they are, I’m sure they can do wonders with one if given the chance.

3. Orko

She Ra New Characters List 05

Red mages control fire, right?

Alright, let’s get serious for a second. Orko is the weird, floating, goblin, wizard that worked with He-Man. He’s weird…but so much could be done with him! She-Ra deals with all sorts of weird characters and creatures, and surely they could find a way to make Orko work in ways we’ve never dreamed of. He could traverse dimensions with magic. Maybe She-Ra could meet a village of his people in advance and then Orko shows up later. They can make it work!

2. Snout Spout

She Ra New Characters List 06

This is a picture of a badass Snout Spout action figure that I can apparently own right now for only $20, plus shipping and handling!

Snout Spout is the other character on this list for whom I have a special attachment. I had the original Snout Spout action figure and it was insane. He’s a cyborg firefighter who was given a giant metal elephant head, which sprays water out of the trunk. And then he got this bright orange body suit on top of all that craziness. They have fires on Etheria, too! Snout Spout never made the original He-Man cartoon, but he did get a couple of brief appearances in the original She-Ra cartoon. So he’s more She-Ra than He-Man! That’s perfect! I really just want more Snout Spout in my life. Surely I’ve got $20 lying around here somewhere…

1. Teela

She Ra New Characters List 07

Girl heroes have always been a part of our lives

If we can get serious again, Teela is probably the best possible choice for a classic He-Man crossover. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is mainly about female characters, so who better to fit in with that crew than the most important female character from Masters of the Universe? Not that male characters can’t appear, but Teela would be a great choice to kick off a crossover, especially if you want to save Adam and He-Man for a later reveal. Get two surprises for the price of one! Teela could be some kind of warrior princess! We love those!


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  1. yeah none of these are on the show

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