DC Still Has No Faith in Hawkman’s Chest

The first picture of the new Hawkman and Hawkgirl from the Arrowverse has arrived, and just like in Smallville a few years ago, the good people at DC and The CW are making sure that Hawkman’s manly, muscular chest is covered up. It’s probably for the best, but still…Hawkman!

The wings are probably CGI

At least he’s still got the mace!

I think I like the costumes. They’re definitely along the lines of the Flash and Green Arrow costumes, and that’s a definite plus. It’s a good look — though those helmets do look slightly silly.

Hawkgirl will be played by Ciara Renee, and Hawkman will be played by Falk Hentschel. DC is apparently sticking with the ‘reincarnated Egytpian lovers’ origin for the Hawks instead of something more modern and realistic. More power to them.

At this point, I don’t remember which shows the two are going to appear on. I’m sure they’ll make the rounds everywhere they can before settling on Legends of Tomorrow.



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  1. They pull off the color brown pretty well! Although for Hawkman, that guy has a pretty wimpy mace.

    • If he let his chest breath, he could probably handle bigger!

      And you make a good point, heh. Considering the style of the costumes, they’re probably pretty restricted actually. Unless they go weird with the costumes, every single one is going to have to be dark and leathering. Flash and Speedy are red, Arrow is green, these guys are brown; they’re just going to have to keep flipping through a color guide.

      • I’m hoping that Firestorm earns a costume that’s a bit more colorful. Speaking of which, it seriously seems like they’re going to do Firestorm without Robbie Amell/ Ronnie Raymond. I suppose we’ll find out why/how on the Flash. Hopefully they bring back the guy that played Jason Rusch.

      • That’s definitely what it seems like, and it boggles the mind! Ammell is, of course, Stephen’s cousin. Plus it’s a small role! But I suppose getting cast in the new X-Files show is a good reason to give up being Firestorm.

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