A New Costume for Green Arrow and Other Fun Stuff

Both Arrow and The Flash are coming back to TV in the fall, and Comic-Con had a ton of news for both of them. First up, not only is the Arrow getting a tougher new costume, but rumor has it that he’s finally going to change his name to ‘Green Arrow’ in season 4. I like the new look.

So is his hood now ventilated?

There’s also word that both Anarky and Mr. Terrific will appear in Season 4, so it looks like more and more comic book characters are going to join this universe. They’re also going to go ahead and change the name Starling City to Star City, like it was originally in Green Arrow comics.

To say nothing of The Flash! Because not only are they going to get Jay Garrick and Earth 2, but Zoom is going to be the big bad and Wally West is finally going to show up. That’s neat. They’re also going to further explore Cisco’s transformation into Vibe.

Meanwhile, in Legends of Tomorrow, we’ve got confirmation that Hawkman is going to show up! That’s pretty cool.

And the first trailer for the Vixen cartoon has been released.

So yeah, good things coming from DC in the near future. I think they clearly won Comic-Con this year.



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  1. No chin guard? Is he just gonna give up the secret identity after all the crap they’ve had about it? And is there any chance adding “Green” actually fools people?

    • He didn’t have a chin guard before. And we’ll have to find out how he inserts himself back into Star City. Maybe he does ignore the secret identity stuff. Maybe the governor will pass laws allowing vigilantism!

      • I know he didn’t have one. That’s always been one of my problems with the costume. He’s got a distinct chin, one proper look at it, it should be obvious who’s wearing the hood. That’s assuming the hood even obscures the face at all, and everybody relating to the Arrow hasn’t just been ignoring the obvious

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