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I Honestly, Mostly Liked Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island was a movie. And like most movies, it got an Honest Trailer last week. Those are always fun!

I don’t really have much else to talk about today! The Internet has been pretty quiet. I saw It on Saturday and that was a really good movie! Can’t wait for the Honest Trailer of that!


New Kong: Skull Island Trailer is Pretty Darn Artistic

I’m not sure what to expect with Kong: Skull Island. I’m worried that it’s just going to be a big, CGI-filled action movie that just happens to include King Kong. But there’s a new trailer that looks absolutely phenomenal!

Like, that’s the most artistic movie trailer I think I’ve ever seen! It’s well edited, it’s got exciting new footage, some great dialogue bits, and it even makes John C. Reilly’s random comedic relief character seem alright. I dig this trailer.

Also, the movie comes out in less than two weeks! We are definitely already in prime movie season, it would seem!


Kong: Skull Island Gets a Full, Ape-Filled Trailer!

So, uh, this is kind of surprising. We’ve got a new Kong: Skull Island Trailer, and it’s, well…

Did we know that John C. Reilly was gonna be in the movie as a wacky comedy relief? He seems funny, but, like…is anyone else getting that strange feeling? Hear me out. The new Godzilla movie was really popular, and a definite success. And Hollywood now wants to pit Godzilla against King Kong again, and they’re creating a whole united franchise here. But this trailer…

The biggest complaint people had with Godzilla was that the titular kaiju wasn’t in a lot of the movie. That was not a complaint I shared. I was fine with the reduced screentime.

But look at this trailer: it opens with a catchy pop song. That has quickly become a cliche. We see a ton of Kong, as well as all manner of other monsters. No subtlety here. And then John C. Reilly randomly shows up to deliver all the trailer-worthy one-liners. This trailer was clearly made in an assembly line. And what does that mean for the movie as a whole?


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