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Marcel The Shell With Shoes On Looks Neat

In an effort to bring more than just superhero movie trailers, how about this weird little trailer for Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. Apparently it’s based on some fun Jenny Slate stuff? I love Jenny Slate!

Yeah, looks neat! Like a cute, heart-warming bit of adorableness and potential sadness. Sounds like my kind of thing! I’m always up for a lot of weirdness and a lot of cuteness in the things I watch.

Marcel comes to the big screen on June 24!


6 Things I Want to See in Venom: Let There Be Carnage

The first full trailer for Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage graced our internet this week and I thought it looked pretty neat. I wasn’t too impressed with the first Venom film, but I liked it well enough. And me being a sucker for superhero stuff, I’m definitely going to see the sequel whenever it makes it to theaters.


As with most superhero movies, I do have a list of things I’m hoping to see in the film. Is it a reasonable list? Probably not. Are any of my demands going to come true? Maybe? It’s fun to speculate and hope nonetheless. Like, I hope this movie actually comes out on the scheduled release date at the end of September. I hope the resurgence of the coronavirus doesn’t close down movie theaters again. But mostly my hopes are nerdy comic book related, so let’s focus on those after the jump!

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