6 Things I Want to See in Venom: Let There Be Carnage

The first full trailer for Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage graced our internet this week and I thought it looked pretty neat. I wasn’t too impressed with the first Venom film, but I liked it well enough. And me being a sucker for superhero stuff, I’m definitely going to see the sequel whenever it makes it to theaters.


As with most superhero movies, I do have a list of things I’m hoping to see in the film. Is it a reasonable list? Probably not. Are any of my demands going to come true? Maybe? It’s fun to speculate and hope nonetheless. Like, I hope this movie actually comes out on the scheduled release date at the end of September. I hope the resurgence of the coronavirus doesn’t close down movie theaters again. But mostly my hopes are nerdy comic book related, so let’s focus on those after the jump!

6. Symbiote host cameos

You were too good for this world, Hybrid

Obviously we’re not going to get a bunch of crazy symbiote appearances in these movies. We had Riot in the first film, plus a couple dead symbiotes, and we’re getting Carnage in this film. I doubt we’ll ever make it to the likes of Toxin or Hybrid or even Lasher. But how about some cameos of their human counterparts? These films are going to have minor characters littered throughout in random supporting roles. Why not just name them after comic book symbiote hosts? Like Donna Diego or Scott Washington or Pat Mulligan? Just for kicks and giggles, I say.

Oh wait, now I remember that I think Pat Mulligan is already cast…

5. Jenny Slate as Scream, somehow

Put her in more things!

This is pretty much an impossibility, but I’m still jazzed about this idea I had for the first movie that should have happened but didn’t. Jenny Slate was criminally underused in the first Venom. Instead of Riot, another dark, muscly symbiote villain, the movie should have turned Jenny Slate into Scream, a bright yellow lady symbiote with an unhinged Slate as host. That would have been perfect! Make it happen retroactively!

I also, I just watched Slate’s Netflix special the other day, and she does briefly mention the first Venom movie. So it’s back on my mind.

4. She-Carnage

Exactly like this

We got She-Venom in the first film when Anne took on the symbiote, and a lot of people seemed to like that. So how about Anne takes a turn with the Carnage symbiote? Could be fun! Maybe that’s Anne’s entire role in this film. Speaking of which…

3. Eddie doesn’t get the girl

You can do better, Anne!

Anne Weying seemed perfectly happy in the first film in her relationship with Dr. Dan Lewis. And in the new trailer, they’re engaged. I want them to stay that way. Dan seemed like a great guy in the first film. He wasn’t the cliched asshole rival. Whereas Eddie and Venom are a mess. So at no point in the sequel should Anne dump Dan and get back with Eddie. Brock should continue to be a total loser who does not get the girl.

2. Tom Holland

He’s going to be Nathan Drake any day now

This is my list on my blog, so I’m just going to go for broke. You want people to care about your Venom sequel? Drop a Tom Holland/Spider-Man cameo anywhere in the movie and become the most exciting, talked about Marvel movie of the year. Black Widow didn’t do so hot, and the pandemic is threatening both Shang-Chi and Eternals. And even though they will both probably be great, a little Tom Holland cameo in Venom 2 would change the world.

I’m also clarifying the Tom Holland Spider-Man, considering the multiverse shenanigans that keep getting rumored. I don’t want Tobey Maguire showing up. I might accept Venom as part of the Amazing Spider-Man-verse.

1. The spider symbol

It just looks good

If they’re never going to link Venom to Spider-Man then the film should feel free to come up with some other reason why Venom gets his classic, iconic, white spider logo on his chest. Maybe Eddie wears a shirt and Venom just adopts the design? Maybe Eddie likes spiders? I don’t care how they do it, just give Venom his true look! We all want it to happen.



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  1. I totally agree with all 6 things expected to see in new Venom: Let there be Carnage movie. I also ask for a few things int he new over as well.

    1.) I hope they have Carnage his signature laugh and vocals. Does he at least talk in the movie like he did on the comics and animes?.
    *Also can he have the black veins over his body and black teeth, plz?*
    2.) Is Venom going to be able to swing using his tendrils or “artifical webbing” are is he just going to leap every where?.Can we get Venom swinging in this new film, plz?”
    3.) Plz don’t kill off Carnage. In the final battle he survives and escapes to wreak more “Maxium Carnge”and that’s when we hopefully get or Spider-man & Venom in Venom 3: Maxium Carnage crossover. When Spider-man helps Venom defeat Carnage for good.
    4.) Venom needs his iconic white pider logo. Tired of seeing my guy running around, eating people naked like that.

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