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The Top 6 Pumpkins in Comics

Happy Halloween, henchies! And welcome to another spooktacular List of Six! Who doesn’t love some good, holiday-themed internet nonsense? I know I do! I’ve made it a bit of a habit, and it’s not one I intend to break anytime soon! This year, we’re doing pumpkins!

Pumpkin List 01

These things!

And you’re going to have to cut me a little slack, because there just aren’t very many pumpkin characters in comics. I’ve wanted to do pumpkins for awhile, but it’s only with some suspension of disbelief that I’m going to pull this off. I’ve already done skeletons, witches, ghosts, classic movie monsters and Cerberus, the coolest of all mythical beasts. And then I went and wasted cats and bats on non-holiday lists. So we’re going to get a little choosy and go with pumpkins this year!

Join me after the jump for some really great jack o’lanterns!

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The Top 6 Skeletons in Comics

Happy Halloween, everybody! Through the magic of calendars and the slow, unending passage of time, Halloween is on a Wednesday this week, the day I release my List of Six! And what better way to celebrate Halloween and this geeky comic blog than a spooky listicle! How about skeletons?

Skeleton List 01

Your skeleton is moist

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the pageantry, and I love the premise of kids getting dressed up in costumes and going door-to-door for candy, and the idea of adults getting dressed up and going to parties. It’s insane and I love it. And I like celebrating Halloween on my blog with a look at spooky things in comics. I’ve done ghosts, witchesCerberus and classic movie monsters. Now it’s time for skelingtons! Or skeletons, whichever pronunciation you prefer.

Join me after the jump for the best, boniest skeletons in comic books!

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An Animated History of Michael Myers (No, Not That One)

The genius from Tell It Animated is back to animate the many incarnations of another famous movie slasher! First it was Jason, and now it’s Michael Myers, from the Halloween series! Another horror series I’ve never watched! Still, this guy is good, and I want to promote his work.

Here’s hoping he makes many more! Maybe Freddy Krueger. Maybe Godzilla. Maybe he can switch up and do superheroes and their various costume and status quo changes! So many options! Here’s to awesome internet stuff!


The 6 Best and 6 Worst Superhero Halloween Costumes (This Year)

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s the greatest holiday of the year! I love the costumes, I love the pageantry, I love the candy; I love Halloween! And every year for my blog, I do a list of the best superhero and villain Halloween costumes of the year. I usually break it down to women, men and children’s costumes, but I decided to just look at all costumes in general this year!

Halloween 2017 17

So if you haven’t got your Halloween costume picked out already, here’s your chance to see the best — and worst — that online Halloween costume stores have to offer! It’s not too late to change your mind either! You know you’ve always wanted to be Batman for Halloween. Or just owned a Batman costume in general…

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6 More of the Best and Worst Child Superhero Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here again and it’s time to have some fun, my friends! Every Halloween, I scour costume websites to find the best and worst superhero costumes available. In case you didn’t notice, superheroes are kind of a big deal these days, and they’re perfect for my favorite holiday!

Hooray for marketing!

Hooray for marketing!

This year we’re tackling kids costumes, because Halloween is supposed to be about kids, right? To some extent? When I was a wee little lad, I would have loved to have superhero costumes as detailed and as awesome as those available today. Kids have it pretty great. And there have been plenty of movies and cartoons to make costumes from.

So join me after the jump to see the best and worst superhero costumes for boys and girls this year! You can also check out my previous list of kids costumes from a couple years ago.

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