The 6 Most Awesome Cats in Comic Books

I am determined to use the power of the Internet to work for my blog. I have been a devoted follower of the Internet for years. I’m a Brony, I love reminiscing about the 80s, and I especially love cats. Long cats, keyboard cats, Nyan cats, talking cats or just adorable cats, I’m a big cat person. I still remember my first cat, Color, who lived on my grandparents’ farm. My cousin and I found him/her(?) in the weeds beside the barn, and we sang to get the Calico kitty to come out and play. Color was awesome.

Know what else is awesome? Superheroes’ cats.

Avengers Cats needs to be a thing

But I don’t mean cat superheroes, like the List of Six I did a few weeks ago. I mean the pet cats who belong to superheroes and super-villains. Everybody’s heard of Superman’s dog Krypto, right? Well here are the six coolest pet cats in all of comic books!

6. Chewie

Sure, hold that thumb thing against him

Some people think cats are lazy, but in the world of superheroes, they often help out in the midst of battle – at least as projectiles! Chewie started out as just a stray cat wandering in an alley before Captain Marvel grabbed him and threw him into a super-villain’s face to get away. Then when the villain returned to menace her again, he brought the cat with him! Maybe he’d just become attached. Captain Marvel felt so bad that she decided to adopt the little guy and named him Chewie, proving that even insanely hot women can be Star Wars geeks too!

5. Stinky

I think ‘Mr. Cat’ is a perfect name

What is it about hot blonde women and cats? Power Girl has had Stinky since way back in her Justice League days in the 80s, when the little guy was chewing on capes and clawing Guy Gardner in the face. He became an unofficial member of the League one night when Gardner accidentally left the door open. Stinky was a little terror to everyone who crossed his path, but Power Girl loved him! And why shouldn’t she? He’s adorable, if a little grouchy. And smelly, apparently.

4. Teekl

Look out, Robin!

Harry Potter may have had a pet owl, but could that owl do any of its own magic? Nosiree! Meet Teekl, the magic cat! The evil magic cat, actually. Teekl is the pet familiar of Klarion the Witch Boy, and can often be found lounging in Klarion’s arms on the receiving end of a menacingly slow petting. Perfect for freaking out superheroes. Teekl is a shape-shifter, capable of turning into all manner of larger, more menacing beasts, and also feeds on the souls of her victims…so pretty much like any regular cat.

3. Hairball

The glowing balls are for bouncing

We all know cats are good jumpers and always land on their feet, but what about a bouncing cat? Hairball was caught in the same science accident that created the 90s superhero Speedball, and both were given the power of bouncing! But Hairball – real name, Niels – wasn’t content to just be a house pet. Hairball went on his own superheroic adventures, including convicing a race of alien cats not to invade the Earth, and defeating the Giant Rat, a man in a mask who went around shooting neighborhood cats. Hairball is also a founding member of the Pet Avengers, which I assure you is a real thing.

2. Streaky

Every cat on this list is orange

Krypto is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Superman’s menagerie. Superman and Supergirl have a whole Legion of Super-Pets, including a horse, a monkey and then Streaky the Super-Cat! While sniffing at a hunk of x-kryptonite, Supergirl’s pet cat gained the powers of flight, speed and strength – so of course they threw a little red cape on the guy! Unfortunately, Streaky hailed from the anything goes heyday of the Silver Age, and he isn’t around anymore. More recently, Streaky was downgraded to just a regular house cat. But still, blonde girls in comic books love cats, it seems.

1. Dex-Starr

Heavy metal music should be playing

Dex-Starr is no one’s pet. Dex-Starr is no one’s cute, cuddly animal sidekick. Dex-Starr is the most vicious and violent cat in the entire universe, and a member of the blood-thirsty, vengeance-seeking Red Lantern Corps, enemies of the Green Lantern. Dex-Starr started out as just an innocent house cat on Earth named ‘Dexter’, but when a bunch of burglars broke into his home and killed his master, Dex-Starr was given a Red Lantern ring, and enacted brutal, furious, skin-melting justice on those burglars! Since then, Dex-Starr has become a brutal killing machine who…oh my God! He wears his ring on his tail! How adorable!


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Hello, this is Sean, the Henchman-4-Hire! By day I am a mild-mannered newspaper reporter in Central New York, and by the rest of the day I'm a pretty big geek when it comes to video games, comic books, movies, cartoons and more.

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  1. Also cool:

    Lying Cat in Saga

    Earthling in King City:

  2. Scott Ulliman

    Fun post!

  3. Love this list! If I may add one: Socks from Animal man. He’s a former avatar of the Red like Animal Man is. Also he can talk.

    And Tawky Tawny, the SHAZAM Tiger. I don’t know anything about him, but he’s pretty funny.

  4. Unique article. That’s the kind of thing your friendly neighbourhood Rogue Advisor likes to see.

  5. Because of Dex-Starr hope corgi isn’t out of the question!

  6. Captain Marvel’s the only book listed that I read. I love Chewie. I want to see more of him.

    I’ll be reading Speedball eventually, so I’m looking forward to seeing the adventures of Niels, the bouncing kitty.

  7. This made me think of Data’s poem “Ode to Spot” in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  8. Awesome list! I absolutely love cats, I have one called Jack:
    Also, I would add Socks from Animal Man as well, that cat is so witty. But Dex-Start is indeed the one that should be on the first place 🙂

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