The 6 Best and 6 Worst Superhero Halloween Costumes (This Year)

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s the greatest holiday of the year! I love the costumes, I love the pageantry, I love the candy; I love Halloween! And every year for my blog, I do a list of the best superhero and villain Halloween costumes of the year. I usually break it down to women, men and children’s costumes, but I decided to just look at all costumes in general this year!

Halloween 2017 17

So if you haven’t got your Halloween costume picked out already, here’s your chance to see the best — and worst — that online Halloween costume stores have to offer! It’s not too late to change your mind either! You know you’ve always wanted to be Batman for Halloween. Or just owned a Batman costume in general…


6. Batman

Halloween 2017 09

Holy cow, Batman! Just look at that costume! Look at the detail, look at the pieces, look at the power of that costume! This is not only comics accurate and movie accurate, but it looks damn good in real life! This is exactly what I would want a real life Batman to be wearing. This gear looks incredibly realistic and that makes for the best kind of superhero Halloween costume!

5. LEGO Batman

Halloween 2017 02

Speaking of Batman costumes, how’s this one strike you? I dig it! The LEGO Batman Movie came out earlier this year, and their costume game is on point! That’s definitely LEGO Batman’s head, and the rest of the costume recreates the awkward LEGO body that we all love. It doesn’t even look too awkward to wear.

4. Spider-Gwen

Halloween 2017 01

This is a fun looking costume. Spider-Gwen is a surprisingly popular character, and I think this costume nails her look. Granted, it’s not a full Spider-Gwen mask, and she doesn’t let her hair out like that, but I can overlook those small problems considering how great the rest of the costume looks. They’ve got the colors just right, and the hood, so that counts. Just the fact that such a weird, obscure character gets a fully-realized costume is a pretty great thing.

3. Doctor Strange

Halloween 2017 10

The Doctor Strange movie came out in November last year, missing the holiday. So this is the first big Halloween where he gets to shine, and I think this costume looks pretty good! The belts look really fake, but the blue tunic has a nice look to it, and the red cloak is pretty spiffy. He definitely looks like Doctor Strange, which isn’t necessarily easy to pull off. It’s not a very iconic costume, but it looks good here.

2. Aquaman

Halloween 2017 12

I love the look of Justice League movie Aquaman, and I think this costume nails it! The puffy muscle top looks the perfect amount of realistic and silly, and the rest of the gear looks great too! Those colors work perfectly for Aqauman, I think. And the Jason Momoa beard and shaggy hair complete the ensemble perfectly. This is a damn cool costume for what I hope will be a damn cool character.

1. Wonder Woman

Halloween 2017 06

Wonder Woman was the big superhero movie of the year, and every woman out there can rest easy, because there are some great Wonder Woman costumes available! I’m hard-pressed to even think this costume isn’t real armor. The colors are great and match the movie, and the outfit just looks cool. Costume makers really took the movie Wonder Woman costume and ran with it!


6. Black Panther

Halloween 2017 07

Oy vey. I guess the upcoming Black Panther movie isn’t making it in time for the good Halloween costume cut-off. While all the details look like they might be right, there’s no getting around the fact that all the details are clearly just painted onto an uncomfortable looking smock. The lack of gloves and the silly mask that barely covers the wearer’s head definitely aren’t doing this costume any favors.

5. Daredevil

Halloween 2017 11

I’m not even sure why this costume is for sale. Is it from the first Daredevil movie? I don’t think so, the red is too bright. It’s definitely not a costume based on the Netflix Daredevil show. So did somebody make an awkwardly muscular Daredevil costume based on the comic, and then defeat the entire purpose of the character by giving him white eyes? What were they thinking?!

4. Steve Trevor

Halloween 2017 16

The Wonder Woman movie costume was great. The Steve Trevor movie costume is terrible! I realize there weren’t a lot of boys costume options in the Wonder Woman movie, but why even try when it’s this crappy? What is this costume even supposed to be? It looks like are really awkward and uncomfortable jumpsuit, with some kind of genital flap? And the German uniform Steve wore in the movie is mostly covered up. Maybe just not make a Steve Trevor movie costume.

3. Movie Power Rangers

Halloween 2017 04

You know what confuses me? Considering how much toy sales drive major motion pictures these days, who designed the new Power Ranger movie costumes to be so ugly? They looked pretty cool in motion in the movie, but they made for garbage toys and they make for garbage Halloween costumes. I’ll grant that the helmets are maybe cool, but the costumes are lumpy, wrinkled and just ugly design on smock. The fact that they gave the Pink Ranger model high heels to wear with her costume is also pretty ridiculous.

2. Suicide Squad Joker

Halloween 2017 03

Ugh. Just…no. Come on. Who thought that any of this was a good idea? I hope they got immediately fired! I hope the models in these costumes got fired. I hope these costumes were burned!

1. Movie Valkyrie

Halloween 2017 15

This one pains me to write, because by all accounts that we’re hearing, Valkyrie is going to be a great character in Thor: Ragnarok. She’s supposed to be a really awesome new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! But man oh man, her costume is really boring! I suppose this costume looks fine, for what it is, but is there any way to recognize it as Valkyrie? Is there anyway to recognize it as part of the Thor franchise? Is there any way to even care about this costume? It’s so boring!

And to make matters even worse, look what else I found while browsing costume websites! Both of these costumes belong on my Best list!

Halloween 2017 14

That’s comic book Valkyrie on the left and the new female Thor on the right, and those costumes look amazing! Look at the detail, look at the personality; these are great costumes! Why couldn’t movie Valkyrie even have an ounce of the energy of these outfits?

What are you going as for Halloween? Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas!


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