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Review: Teen Titans #17

Here we go! Buckle up, boys and girls, because the next era of Teen Titans is upon us! New writer Greg Pak takes the reigns, at least for a little while, hoping to right this stagecoach for a few issues, until Rebirth comes along to maybe change everything up again. It’s a little hard to get excited about the new writer when there’s every indication that nothing will stick. But I’ve stuck with Teen Titans this long, and I’m always eager for something new from this series.

Teen Titans #17

So it’s damn exciting that Greg Pak immediately and unequivocally solves one of my biggest complaints about this series. This is close to being the Teen Titans I’ve always wanted.

Comic Rating: 7/10 – Good.

The biggest problem with Teen Titans in the New 52, and even in DCYou, is that the characters are treated as little more than action figures. They are costumed superheroes first, people second. All they do is fight bad guys, bouncing from one random opponent to the next. Famously, Red Robin never once removed his costume when Will Pfeifer was writing the series. There was apparently no interest in addressing the Teen Titans as teenagers or youngsters or human beings. They were action figures, trapped in a strange mess of stories, many of which were likely tugged back and forth by demanding editorial.

I may never understand why Teen Titans was so shackled when things like Batgirl, Ms. Marvel, Young Avengers and Teen Titans Go! were allowed to exist.

Teen Titans #17 doesn’t fix everything. Pak and DC don’t go for the nuclear option. This is still the same team, carrying on the same storyline, and existing in the same New 52 world. But Pak treats them as people for the first time in a long time. There is more characterization in this one issue than in Pfeifer’s entire run. There are character moments that legitimately shocked me for how little we’ve seen that level of depth. And for once, the threat doesn’t come from some outside force, but from within. For once, the Teen Titans are driving their own story.

And you better believe that Tim Drake shows up in this comic! Join me after the jump to see for yourself!

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Storm Gets Her Own Solo Series!

I know at least one of my readers is going to love this news, having called it months ago! The X-Man Storm is going to get her own solo series in July! Written by Greg Pak and drawn by Victor Ibanez, Storm is going to be used on a global scale. She does control the world’s weather, after all.

Still rocking the mohawk

The series was announced today via USA Today. Pak says he’s going to take Storm around the world, while also dealing with problems at home at the Jean Grey School, considering Wolverine is going to be dead this fall.

Said Pak:

“We’re going to see Storm cutting loose with all the brass and fierceness that comes from having the power to control every aspect of the Earth’s weather and atmosphere,” Pak says. “And we’re going to delve deep into the experiences and perspective that lead her to make decisions no other X-Man would — to tear through walls that no one else may have even realized are there.”

“Storm fights for those who most need her, no matter what the cost,” he says. “There’s a ton of drama and story in exploring how she makes those decisions and what kind of trouble that will create for herself and everyone she loves.”

Apparently this is a passion project from Pak, who grew up reading and admiring Storm. That sounds fantastic.

I think she’s particularly proud of her shoulder blades


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