Storm Gets Her Own Solo Series!

I know at least one of my readers is going to love this news, having called it months ago! The X-Man Storm is going to get her own solo series in July! Written by Greg Pak and drawn by Victor Ibanez, Storm is going to be used on a global scale. She does control the world’s weather, after all.

Still rocking the mohawk

The series was announced today via USA Today. Pak says he’s going to take Storm around the world, while also dealing with problems at home at the Jean Grey School, considering Wolverine is going to be dead this fall.

Said Pak:

“We’re going to see Storm cutting loose with all the brass and fierceness that comes from having the power to control every aspect of the Earth’s weather and atmosphere,” Pak says. “And we’re going to delve deep into the experiences and perspective that lead her to make decisions no other X-Man would — to tear through walls that no one else may have even realized are there.”

“Storm fights for those who most need her, no matter what the cost,” he says. “There’s a ton of drama and story in exploring how she makes those decisions and what kind of trouble that will create for herself and everyone she loves.”

Apparently this is a passion project from Pak, who grew up reading and admiring Storm. That sounds fantastic.

I think she’s particularly proud of her shoulder blades


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  1. It’s about damned time. Storm doesn’t make it into my top 10 favourite X-Men, but she’s a good character. She’s arguably Marvel’s biggest female character, biggest character of colour, and is probably the third biggest X-Man, behind only Wolverine and MAYBE Cyclops. She’s got a whole lot of diehard fans. So the fact that she has never had an ongoing before was silly.

    It’s also interesting that Mike Marts only became X-office editor a couple months ago, and we’ve already got an announcement of a Storm ongoing. So I guess Nick Lowe is the one to blame for it not happening earlier.

    But this is a pleasant surprise. I genuinely expected the next X-Men ongoing to be a Jason Aaron-written Iceman title.

    • I wouldn’t mind a Jason Aaron Iceman series! But hmm, that’s a good point about Lowe. I wonder if he really was standing in the way of a Storm series. That would be pretty terrible if it were true.

      • Lowe’s time as X-Men editor basically pushed Cyclops and Wolverine as the two main X-Men. Storm got pushed to the side in general. It’s only in recent months – when Lowe would’ve been preparing to step down – that Storm’s started rising in prominence again. There’s X-Men, of course. But she’s also been taking a leading role in WatXM, and she’s also in Amazing X-Men.

        I would object to a Jason Aaron Iceman for three reasons: First, I want Aaron to stay far, far away from the X-franchise. Forever. Second, Iceman getting an ongoing before Storm would’ve been downright offensive. Third, Iceman has one of the least compelling personalities I have ever seen. A solo series about him would be incredibly dull.

      • You’re talking to a lifelong Iceman fan! I’d buy his solo series in a heartbeat!

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