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“Now They’re Back for One Last Ride…Again!”

So I owe all you henchies an apology. I think my work has been slacking off a bit lately, and I’m just showing a lot of videos. That’s partly because I took on a part-time job, which is helping pay the bills. And also, possibly, because I just started playing The Witcher 3 recently, and man, that game is awesome! But good things are coming to this blogsville, if you’re all still reading! I’ve got big plans going forward.

But until then, here’s the Honest Trailer of the latest Faster & Furious movie, because it’s there and actually kind of funny.

I have never seen a single one of these movies, but kudos to them for not only keeping the franchise alive, but somehow turning it into a billion dollar franchise! Where’d that come from?!


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