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Awww man, I forgot Monday. Oh well, here’s a Doom Patrol trailer

I dunno. I think perhaps I’ve been a little distracted lately? Or just lazy? Who can tell anymore. I simply forgot to post something on Monday. I try to go for Mondays, because people could use something to kill 5 minutes of their time. And this trailer for Doom Patrol season 4 should suffice in that regard!

Doom Patrol is a fun show, and it seems they’re really leaning into the weirdness as they get older. I’m all for it. Get weird, get crazy, get creative, be Doom Patrol. Simple as that!

The new season of Doom Patrol comes to HBO Max on Dec. 8.


More Doom Patrol is Coming

Doom Patrol is a quality TV show and we’re going to get a fourth season! I gave up on Titans. I gave up on all those CW DC shows. But Doom Patrol remains some real quality content, and New York Comic Con has given us a fun new trailer!

Can’t really tell all that’s happening in this madness of a trailer. But it’s the Doom Patrol. They’ve really gone all out season after season. I’m sure we can count on real good stuff happening to our eyeballs.

Also, the Shipoopi song will always hold a special place in my heart because I sang it when my high school did the Music Man! Good times!

Season 4 of the Doom Patrol comes to HBO Max on Dec. 8.


A New Doom Patrol Trailer!

I was late to the Doom Patrol hype train. It’s a really good show, especially the first season. So I’m pretty excited that the third season is almost out! Huzzah Doom Patrol!

This show only getting weirder and wackier is a great thing. Bring on the weirdest and wackiest stuff you can come up with. Plumb the depths of Grant Morrison’s wildest Doom Patrol stories and just make it happen. Can’t wait to watch. Season three arrives on HBO Max on Sept. 23.

I’m actually a little disappointed that Doom Patrol is such a better show than the one specifically about all the Robins…


6 Forgotten LGBTQ+ Superheroes Who Still Have Potential

Happy Pride Month, everyone! I am a big supporter of LGBTQ+ fiction and wanted to make sure I did at least one List of Six this month to honor Pride. I’ve done my favorite queer couples in comics. I’ve done LGBTQ+ characters who should get their own movies. And this week, we’re going to explore queer comic book characters who have sadly disappeared into comic book limbo!

Shameless plug!

It happens to a lot of good comic book characters. Not everybody is going to be a Wolverine or a Batman right out of the gate. A writer comes along and creates a cool new superhero, but they don’t catch on and fade into obscurity when the writer moves along. It happens. Over the past decade or two, we’ve seen the major comic book companies try to introduce more LGBTQ+ characters…and then they fade away as well! That’s just how comics work sometimes.

So I’m here to pick some of these characters out of limbo, dust them off and present them as superheroese with potential going forward!

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Doom Patrol Starts Today!

As I mentioned earlier this week, I very much enjoyed the Titans TV show on the DC streaming service. And the new Doom Patrol spin-off is getting a lot of good buzz! They starred in a very fine episode of Titans, so I’m hoping for good things from Doom Patrol.

Though watching that trailer, I was suddenly very aware of how many superhero shows exist now. It’s kind of crazy, right? Especially in how many live action superhero shows exist where the team aren’t really traditional superheroes. Titans, Runaways, now Doom Patrol. Has anybody seen Cloak and Dagger? Should I watch that?


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