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6 Forgotten LGBTQ+ Superheroes Who Still Have Potential

Happy Pride Month, everyone! I am a big supporter of LGBTQ+ fiction and wanted to make sure I did at least one List of Six this month to honor Pride. I’ve done my favorite queer couples in comics. I’ve done LGBTQ+ characters who should get their own movies. And this week, we’re going to explore queer comic book characters who have sadly disappeared into comic book limbo!

Shameless plug!

It happens to a lot of good comic book characters. Not everybody is going to be a Wolverine or a Batman right out of the gate. A writer comes along and creates a cool new superhero, but they don’t catch on and fade into obscurity when the writer moves along. It happens. Over the past decade or two, we’ve seen the major comic book companies try to introduce more LGBTQ+ characters…and then they fade away as well! That’s just how comics work sometimes.

So I’m here to pick some of these characters out of limbo, dust them off and present them as superheroese with potential going forward!

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6 LGBTQ Superheroes Who Can (And Should) Star in Their Own Movie

The Black Panther movie in February will mark the first major superhero release starring a black superhero. And Wonder Woman this past Spring was the first major superhero release starring a female superhero. Both of these are and were late in coming for minority representation, considering the current superhero boom is nearly 20-years-old at this point. But progress is being made, and that’s going to have to be good enough.

I am eagerly looking forward to the first major superhero release with an LGBTQ hero in the lead role. But the problem is…which superhero is that even going to be?

LGBT Movies List 01

Could it be these two guys? I don’t think so

There simply aren’t that many prominent LGBTQ superheroes at either Marvel or DC. And those that are prominent are in no condition to have a feature film made about them as a solo superhero. Feel free to disagree with me, but as awesome as Batwoman is, there’s no way a Warner Bros. studio executive is going to make a Batwoman movie when they could just make another Batman movie. Same goes for the likes of Catman. And while Catwoman is bisexual in the comics, she’s about as bi as Wonder Woman. And two of Marvel’s most prominent gay characters — Iceman and Northstar — are second and third-string X-Men, respectively. So not only are they not going to get solo films, but straight Iceman already had a good run with the X-Men franchise, and Northstar is too much like movie Quicksilver to get any sort of starring role.

A lot of existing LGBTQ characters work great for comics, but the current Marvel and DC movie franchise landscapes don’t really have room for them, I’m afraid. DC can’t really make a Midnighter and Apollo movie because they’re clearly just knock-offs of Batman and Superman, and that’s already a lot to throw at movie audiences.

But all hope is not lost! Looking over all the LGBTQ superheroes and villains out there, I think I’ve found six who could actually support a solo superhero film in today’s Hollywood, considering all of the conditions in place! Join me after the jump to see my ideas! And I’d love to hear your own thoughts in the comments!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Gamer Girl & Vixen!

Happy Thanksgiving, henchies! I come to you with some exciting new artwork and news about my home-brewed comic book, Gamer Girl & Vixen! Not only are we shipping out issues to all of our Kickstarter backers (including some of you lovely people!), but we’re also on the verge of an even bigger couple of announcements!

But first, I wanted to share some of this amazing GG&V artwork from superstar artist Gemma Moody! We work her artsy fingers to the bone, and this is still the love she shows us!

We’re not ready to share the big news just yet, but this artwork was too good not to show off. I know I haven’t written about Gamer Girl & Vixen in awhile, but that’s going to change! I’m living the dream with a great creative team, and I want to shout it from the rooftops!

So keep your eyes peeled and glued to this blog for some big Gamer Girl & Vixen news next week! And we’ll have even more news after that. And even more after that! I’m making comics here, and it’s as much fun as I hoped it would be!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


Help Me Kickstart Gamer Girl & Vixen!

The Gamer Girl & Vixen Kickstarter exploded out of the gate, my friends! I launched the campaign last Saturday and we’ve already blown past 50% funded. You Henchies have been reading along with the production of my comic for months now, so you can imagine how exciting these past few days have been. A couple of you have already pledged – and I’m eternally grateful – so now I’m here to convince everybody else to get on board!

We’re offering a lot of great rewards at low, low prices, and every pledge tier comes with a Gamer Girl & Vixen comic! If you’d like to pre-order my comic, now is the time!

Check out Gamer Girl & Vixen on Kickstarter! 

Cover to issue #1

You Henchies have already seen a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff on GG&V so far, but now the rest of the world is getting to peek inside everything we’ve been working on and it’s a lot of fun. If you’re interested in learning a bit more, you can check out a couple great interviews at Comics Alliance, The Outhousers and Rhymes with Geek.

And there’s our first official review at Word of the Nerd!

People are really responding to Gamer Girl & Vixen and it’s more exciting than I could have possibly imagined! I invite all you Henchie readers to visit the Kickstarter and check it out for yourselves. Do it for your old pal/favorite blog writer Sean!



Gamer Girl & Vixen Kickstarter Launches on May 16!

Save the date! Now that the first issue of Gamer Girl & Vixen is complete, we’re taking this party to Kickstarter on Saturday, May 16! We’re going to raise money to make a second issue of our comic, and then get some print copies into everybody’s hands!

This is exciting! We’ve been working on this comic all year so far, and I’ve been reading everything I can about how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign. We’ve got a great page ready to go, some great art to show off to everybody, and some even cooler rewards to hand out to all our backers.

Hopefully I’ll be able to convince some of you fine Henchies to pledge some money towards my comic. Don’t worry, it’s not a requirement to keep reading this old blog! Just keep in mind that I’m probably going to be talking my head off about my comic once the Kickstarter launches!

As if I’m not doing that already!

Remember to mark your calendars! May 16 is the big day!


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