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Sadly, That Glorious Silver Batman Costume is Not Real

The internet got hyped the other day when DC Comics revealed this new costume for the Caped Crusader as part of the upcoming Batman #100. It also made its first proper appearance in this week’s Batman #95, though only for a single panel.

The stuff dreams are made of

As expected, the internet comic fandom lost their minds at the idea of their beloved Batman in this glorious silver fashion explosion. Personally, I thought it looked pretty neat, but didn’t worry too much else about it. Then DC Comics’ official Twitter put out a Tweet that suggested this costume was something real and permanent going forward, and suddenly my interest was piqued!

Is this really something DC is going to do? Something new and exciting with the Dark Knight?

Nope. The internet became so bothered that current Batman comic writer James Tynion IV got on Twitter and quickly explained that this costume will only exist as part of a dream sequence in an upcoming story.

Which is fine. I guess.

But…but what if…what if that costume was real? What if DC’s promise of a “New Batsuit. New Villains. New Gotham.” was a legitimate promise of an entirely new style and direction going forward after Joker War and issue #100? What if this glorious image was real and this got to be our Batman for a the foreseeable future?!

I don’t know what this wonderful world would look like. It’s not my job to design the next generation’s Batman. But just imagine how funky it could be!

In the comics, Bruce Wayne just lost his billions. Alfred is dead. The Robins are estranged. He’s about to have a pretty final-feeling confrontation with the Joker. Man…just imagine the places Tynion could go! Maybe this is a costume that Batman wears out during the day! Maybe he’s more open about helping the community. Maybe he’s healing some of her personal demons!

Maybe he gets a new Robin? With a costume to match? Just throwing that out there…

But nope. This is just for a dream sequence, which is a shame. The future could have been so silver…

Oh, also, while I’m imbedding Tweets, comic book artist Dan Mora designed a Power Rangers version of Batman and Robin!

And he’s got some other superhero Power Rangers crossovers in his Twitter feed. Check them out, they’re pretty fun!


6 More of the Best and Worst Female Superhero Halloween Costumes

I learned something rather interesting in putting together this year’s Halloween costume list: when the costumes are of female characters, they’re actually pretty awesome. It’s when costume makers try to do ‘sexy’ female versions of male characters that everybody goes skirt-crazy.

Oh sure, you’re going to find ‘sexy’ costumes for almost any popular character, as well as costumes that amount to little more than themed mini-skirts. I covered some of those in my first list of female superhero costumes. But when it comes to legit, full-bodied costumes that try to capture a specific character, some times the options are insane…and sometimes they are insanely awesome!

This is why I want kids

The first such list I did, three years ago, remains one of my most popular blog posts. It always gets a lot of traffic when Halloween comes around. Then I did follow-up lists for men and kids. But instead of going the next obvious route (dogs), I decided to scour the costume websites to find more good and bad female costumes. A lot of new superhero movies have come and gone in three years, and I wanted to see what was out there. I judge these costumes on accuracy to the character and overall costume aesthetic. Is it just a smock with Iron Man painted on it? Then no thank you, sir!

Well I am so very pleased with what I found! Join me after the jump for some ghoulish fun! And there’s still time to get out to the store to pick up your costume, lady readers!

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6 Best and 6 Worst Child Superhero Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again! Kids, costumes, candy, scantily-clad women at parties I never get invited to; the works! I love Halloween. It might just be my favorite holiday. I love the pageantry of everybody willingly dressing up in costumes as if it were the normal course of business. I love kids going trick-or-treating. I love college students wearing full costumes to class. I love bringing a mask to work and wearing it to freak out receptionists. The whole holiday is just one big, festive free-for-all! And here at Henchman-4-Hire, I’ve developed a Halloween tradition of rating the best superhero Halloween costumes on the market. First I did the women, then the men, and this year it’s superhero costumes for kids!

Why couldn’t this have been my childhood?

There are tons of superhero costumes out there for kids these days, but a geek like me is very specific in what I’d be willing to put on my spawn (if I had any). Some professionally-made costumes actually have skill and effort put into them. They actually look like the superheroes they’re supposed to be. Other professionally-made costumes are a joke, slapped together to sell to unsuspecting parents and nothing more. In this day and age, accuracy counts!

So join me after the jump for the 6 best and the 6 worst superhero Halloween costumes for children!

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6 Best and 6 Worst Male Superhero Halloween Costumes

We are living in a golden age of dressing up as a superhero for Halloween. The success of the superhero film industry has made them the #1 choice for any Halloween party-goer or trick-or-treater. Heck, The Dark Knight alone had to have raised the Joker costume quotient by 2,000%! And I would hope to see a ton of Avengers costumes this year.

Exactly right

I did a List of Six last year about the best and worst female superhero costumes, and it’s been a pretty popular list this fall. So I decided to revisit the idea and do a list of the best and worst male superhero costumes. Being the nerd that I am, the list is based on two things: costume quality and accuracy. This isn’t about the most popular costumes. The girls’ list was also judged on sluttiness, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for men. Superheroes should be an obvious Halloween costume, because the heroes are wearing costumes themselves. So one would think that designing a Halloween costume should involve just recreating the superhero’s costume as accurately as possible.

Apparently not. But sometimes they get it right. All of these costumes were found online available for sale.

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6 Best and 6 Worst Female Superhero Halloween Costumes

Women wearing slutty costumes for Halloween has become so synonymous with the holiday that it’s a now a cliche. It’s expected behavior. Thankfully not while trick-or-treating, but definitely at parties. Not that I’m complaining, but ‘slutty’ has definitely replaced ‘spooky’ when it comes to Halloween costumes.

And that’s no more obvious than with female superhero costumes.

The popularity of superhero movies over the past decade has given a huge boost to the superhero costume market. The Internet is filled with pre-made costumes for sale for both men and women from all corners of the comic and movie universes. A lot of them are really good, even comics-accurate. But more than a few have been radically altered to better fit the ‘slutty’ theme. From a comic nerd’s opinion, some of them are quite ridiculous. And obviously the most important aspect of a Halloween costume is accuracy.


In the spirit of the holiday, I scoured the Internet and found the 6 best, most accurate female superhero costumes, and 6 of the worst, sluttiest female superhero costumes. These were all pre-made and for sale from different websites. Enjoy!

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