6 More of the Best and Worst Female Superhero Halloween Costumes

I learned something rather interesting in putting together this year’s Halloween costume list: when the costumes are of female characters, they’re actually pretty awesome. It’s when costume makers try to do ‘sexy’ female versions of male characters that everybody goes skirt-crazy.

Oh sure, you’re going to find ‘sexy’ costumes for almost any popular character, as well as costumes that amount to little more than themed mini-skirts. I covered some of those in my first list of female superhero costumes. But when it comes to legit, full-bodied costumes that try to capture a specific character, some times the options are insane…and sometimes they are insanely awesome!

This is why I want kids

The first such list I did, three years ago, remains one of my most popular blog posts. It always gets a lot of traffic when Halloween comes around. Then I did follow-up lists for men and kids. But instead of going the next obvious route (dogs), I decided to scour the costume websites to find more good and bad female costumes. A lot of new superhero movies have come and gone in three years, and I wanted to see what was out there. I judge these costumes on accuracy to the character and overall costume aesthetic. Is it just a smock with Iron Man painted on it? Then no thank you, sir!

Well I am so very pleased with what I found! Join me after the jump for some ghoulish fun! And there’s still time to get out to the store to pick up your costume, lady readers!


6. Faora

Do you remember the name of the female Kryptonian from Man of Steel? No? Well it’s Faora. She had at least one awesome fight scene with Superman that I can remember. Mostly she was just General Zod’s right-hand henchwoman and served that role with pride and confidence. And to honor her near conquest of the planet Earth, Faora gets a full-bodied, fully-detailed suit of Kryptonian armor for all of her followers to wear for Halloween. Much like the male Zod costumes available, some company went above and beyond the call of duty in creating this movie-accurate costume. Kudos!

5. Gamora

We all knew Guardians of the Galaxy costumes were going to be huge this year, and the Gamora costume does not let me down – other than the face thing. There’s probably some law that these sorts of costumes can’t advertise face paint…or something. I can think of no other explanation why these advertisements wouldn’t just paint the model’s face green. But I can’t imagine green face paint is hard to come by, so just go buy some in probably the same exact aisle at the costume store.

Beyond the face, that costume is just plain cool. It’s got a lot of accessories and layers, and isn’t just a picture of Gamora’s body printed on an awkward smock, as I’d feared. That’s a major plus. I haven’t seen the Star-Lord, Groot or Rocket costumes yet, but Gamora’s turned out pretty good!

4. Storm

I’m not sure why the world needed a comics-accurate Storm costume this season, but here it is, and it looks great! It’s highly detailed and flawlessly captures the look of the character. And the costume doesn’t skimp on the headpiece or the cape. This is a damn fine Storm costume, and one that doesn’t have anything to do with the movies – though a movie-accurate costume is also available, it just doesn’t look this good!

3. Darth Talon

This costume is the most insanely awesome Halloween costume I have ever seen – at least if we’re talking store-bought. It is in a class all itself, proving that there is no boundary to geeky appreciation in our world today.

Darth Talon is a minor Star Wars character from a semi-obscure comic book series. She hasn’t appeared in any of the movies or cartoon shows. Mainstream audiences, even Star Wars fans, will have never heard of Darth Talon, but here she is in costume form. And what a form! Not only do they provide the red bodysuit, but that headpiece is the stuff of legends! Darth Talon is a Twi’lek, like one of Jabba the Hutt’s dancing girls in Return of the Jedi. But instead of a dancing girl, she’s a brutal, badass Sith warrior, complete with her own double-bladed lightsaber! She’s basically Hot Lady Darth Maul. Twi’leks have these long appendages coming off the back of their heads, and for some reason, this prompted costume designers to create this magnificent headpiece for the costume. It’s monumental in its creation and implementation.

Any woman who wears this sort of costume is instantly someone I want to get to know. I also want to know how this costume was ever even made? There has to exist some random, Star Wars-loving costume designer who somehow managed to convince his boss and the costume production facility to go through with this wild idea. I salute you, my friend!

2. Black Widow

But if you want a character people will actually recognize, the only woman in The Avengers gets a great costume this season! Being one of the easiest costumes on the team, I’m glad these Halloween companies went all out with some awesome Black Widow gear. She’s got the body suit, she’s got the wrist-zappers, she’s got the sweet belt; and if you’re willing to pay extra for that costume above, all of the pieces are their own separate accessory. There are some Black Widow get-ups where everything is printed on a onesie, but that deluxe costume above looks like it’s worth the price!

Heck, I even found someone selling a classic comic book Black Widow! Now that’s dedication!

1. Batgirl

The top pick really took me by surprise this year! I was scanning through the various costume websites, and low and behold, it was Batgirl who had the most accurate, detailed and all around great costumes! Whether you want the comics costume, the movie costume, or the spectacular 1960s TV show costume (above), your choices are all outstanding! Someone really went above and beyond this year for Batgirl. Granted, none of them are her awesome new ‘Batgirl of Burnside’ costume from the comics, but beggars can’t be choosers!

Granted, there are still some terrible and sleazy options for Batgirl, because of course there are. But ignore those, because there are some really great Batgirl options this year. Don’t be swayed by corsets, ladies! Stick to the classics and be the talk of the party!

But this is Halloween, and of course there are a lot of weirdly sexy costumes out there…


6. Joker


In all fairness, this was probably the sexiest costume I saw in my search. There are a lot of sexy costumes every Halloween, and even more of them that include the word ‘sexy’ in the name. But this costume is something else! It’s also insanely weird! The design is just all over the place, tossing on all manner of bows and garters and wackiness. It only matches the Joker in the most arbitrary of ways, and basically could qualify as ‘sexy clown’ more than anything else. Why not just go with that? Surely someone out there finds clowns sexy. There are, of course, even worse female Joker costumes out there, but I wanted to single this one out for being gorgeous, but regrettably, not a good likeness.

Though for anyone interested, Harley Quinn costumes are on a whole different level of amazing.

5. Darth Vader

Behold, the most feared being in the galaxy! Killer of children! Dark Lord of the Sith! He wields a blood-red lightsaber and wears a cute tutu! Alas, poor Darth Vader. They don’t even give her a proper mask, just a skull cap to pull on over her head. I’m surprised they even bothered to stencil in the control panel on her chest. At least she gets to carry around a neat plastic lightsaber. That has to count for something (unless it was sold separately). And we all know Darth Vader would probably love some big, tall sexy boots…maybe. Though now I want to see the Yoda version!

4. Flash

Welp, this is kind of cute, I guess. She looks like she’s trying so hard. At least they got the color of the costume right. And I guess that lightning bolt counts for something. But there’s no forgiving the high heels. She’s supposed to be the Flash! How’s she going to run faster than the speed of sound in those?! This whole outfit is the very definition of the problem with these sorts of costumes. Why not make a proper female Flash costume? Why not just make the regular costume and design it to be worn by a woman? Why not make a Jesse Quick costume? Nope! Just slap a skirt on it and you’re done.

3. Captain America

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the key feature of any female adaptation costume is to just add a skirt. That solves, like, 100% of a costume designer’s concerns. It doesn’t matter if a skirt doesn’t go with the character or makes any sense, they probably just assume ‘all dames wear skirts’ and that’s that! Then just add some red, white and blue, some stars and stripes, and you’re good to go for Captain America, right? Oh hey, maybe take on a tiara headband while you’re at it, that’s very feminine. Or at the very least, a scooping neck line.

2. Duffman

There are almost no words for this costume. Well there’s one: Ooooooh-yeah! When I saw this costume, I considered making a whole different list about how insane this ‘sexy costume’ trend has become. I mean, come on! Duffman?! Do other Simpsons characters get costumes? Is there a ‘sexy Homer’ or a ‘sexy Moe’? This costume is maddeningly weird, especially in how detailed it is! Obviously, it’s just Duffman in a skirt, but look how shiny it is! And those beer cans look fantastic! But what’s up with that head-piece? No Duffman hat? No Duffman sunglasses?! It’s not Duffman without the sunglasses!

1. Optimus Prime

And so we’ve arrived at the pinnacle of insane costumes for women. I don’t even know where to begin with this beast of a costume. It’s Optimus Prime, from the Transformers, but it’s…it’s so completely not! Why did anyone even bother?! I’m not saying women can’t like Transformers, I’m saying this costume should have gone back to the drawing board! This is an oddly colored body sleeve with a bunch of awkward foam attachments. And boots, big, cumbersome boot things.

I have to give credit where it’s due, and the colors look pretty sharp. But what was the goal here? What were the designers trying to accomplish? Is their audience a bunch of half-hearted Transformers fans who don’t want to wear the more elaborate costumes? Is this a costume for women who really want to go as Optimus Prime for Halloween but don’t want to put in any effort? Who out there is so desperate? Who out there cares so very little?

Oh, and they make one for Bumblebee too!


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