6 Best and 6 Worst Female Superhero Halloween Costumes

Women wearing slutty costumes for Halloween has become so synonymous with the holiday that it’s a now a cliche. It’s expected behavior. Thankfully not while trick-or-treating, but definitely at parties. Not that I’m complaining, but ‘slutty’ has definitely replaced ‘spooky’ when it comes to Halloween costumes.

And that’s no more obvious than with female superhero costumes.

The popularity of superhero movies over the past decade has given a huge boost to the superhero costume market. The Internet is filled with pre-made costumes for sale for both men and women from all corners of the comic and movie universes. A lot of them are really good, even comics-accurate. But more than a few have been radically altered to better fit the ‘slutty’ theme. From a comic nerd’s opinion, some of them are quite ridiculous. And obviously the most important aspect of a Halloween costume is accuracy.


In the spirit of the holiday, I scoured the Internet and found the 6 best, most accurate female superhero costumes, and 6 of the worst, sluttiest female superhero costumes. These were all pre-made and for sale from different websites. Enjoy!


6. Supergirl

Supergirl is an easy one, just like Superman. There are a few ‘sexy’ Supergirl costumes on the web, but this one looks fantastic. It’s got a cute red skirt, a full cape and a big, bright ‘S’ symbol on the chest. The only problem is the weird ‘boots’. Instead of actual boots, it’s just a big red sock that you wear over your normal footwear. I suppose that’s best for walking.

5. Silk Spectre

As far as most movie audiences were concerned, the Watchmen movie bombed at theaters. Personally, I loved it! I thought it was a fantastic version of the comic, probably the best anyone could do. I even love the ‘Manhattan did it’ ending in the movie more than the ‘giant squid’ ending from the comic. But I’m surprised there are so many Watchmen costumes online. I’m even more surprised at how accurate the Silk Spectre costumes are, both the modern version and the older one from the 50s. These are great, colorful costumes – though you may have to repeatedly explain who you are.

4. Sif

Unlike Watchmen, Thor was a definite hit this summer for comic book movies. Yet I’m still surprised that someone out there made an actual Sif costume. Remember Thor’s Asgardian pals from the movie? Sif was the badass warrior chick, just like she is in the comics. But she’s just so obscure. There were plenty of Thor costumes for sale (even some for the girls), but this Sif costume stands out as both accurate, awesome-looking and celebrating a seemingly unimportant character.

3. Wonder Woman

There are tons of Wonder Woman costumes for sale. Some accurate, some not. Here I’ve selected two alternate versions of the classic costume, because these are both accurate and fantastic! The first costume is an alternate version she wore in a recent 2011 series. It was supposed to be her new costume for good, but then DC went ahead and rebooted their whole universe, giving her an even newer costume. Still, that short stint with pants and a jacket was enough to garner this awesome costume. The second one is based on an action figure from the Ame-Comi line of superheroines.

Here are the inspirations for those costumes. They are quite accurate.

The Ame-Comi line of action figures oversexifies the heroines, but that Wonder Woman looks so badass that I put it on the ‘best’ list. She’s covered in warrior armor, which looks very intricate and detailed. But it’s not showing too much skin. It’s far more concerned with accuracy than with skin. I guess someone really loved those action figures.

2. Green Lantern

Another popular (albeit failure) of a superhero movie from this past summer, Green Lantern costumes are definitely stocking the shelves. There are, however, few female Green Lanterns from the movie or comics to use for inspiration. The movie featured the lead male, Hal Jordan, and it seems that one costume company decided to just use Hal’s costume for women. It looks great, without any hint of being slutted up. Women can imagine their own female GLs in the uniform. The other costume, with the white top, is based on a female GL from the comics, Arisia. I find it exciting that costume-makers dug so deep into the comic lore for inspiration.

Yes, there is a squirrel Green Lantern

Actually, it turns out the costume-makers were very conservative with Arisia’s costume. In the comics, she actually leaves the chest open to expose a lot of cleavage. So this costume is an example of making it less slutty than the actual character.

1. Gotham City Sirens: Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Everybody loves Batman. And everybody really loves his villains. Halloween has been flooded with Joker costumes ever since The Dark Knight movie. But the female side of Batman’s Rogues Gallery is well represented in the costume department. I found these three costumes while browsing, and they are gloriously accurate to their comic inspiration. Poison Ivy looks sexy and leafy without being naked. Harley Quinn is in her classic costume, instead of the pathetic attempts to sex her up in the Arkham games or in comics. A real woman can make a skintight, red and black body suit sexy without showing off her skin.

The best of the bunch is the Catwoman costume, I think. The costume comes straight out of the new video game Arkham City, which took its cues from the comics. It’s not that hilariously bad Halle Berry costume from the movies, and it’s not Michelle Pfeiffer’s Batman Returns costume either. The only drawback is the goggles. But they can easily be replaced with a real pair of goggles for total accuracy. I wonder if the zipper up the front works.



6. Iron Man

What were they thinking? This isn’t even a costume of the Iron Man dancers from the opening of Iron Man 2. This costume is supposed to be a female Iron Man. Male costumes of the hero are full-body, bulky outfits that do their best to capture the look of the metal suit in fabric. This female version doesn’t even try. It’s just a red dress decorated sort of like Iron Man’s armor. Are they saying women can’t wear big, bulky suits of armor? What about Pepper Potts as Rescue? Now that would be obscure.

5. Wolverine/Wild Thing

This costume lists itself as a ‘Wild Thing’ costume. That’s even more comics obscure than Arisia or Sif. Wild Thing was the daughter of Wolverine and Elektra, but she only existed in an alternate future universe. She had her own short-lived series set in that alternate future. I think I have the #1 issue, if you can believe it. Anyway, that series and that alternate future both eventually went away. And I’m not just misinterpreting a generic name ‘Wild Thing’. The costume description specifically mentions that it’s Wolverine’s daughter. For accuracy, this is what Wild Thing actually looked like:

Notice the red instead of blue? The costume for sale is actually some weird Wolverine costume. But rather than make an accurate Wolverine costume, they’ve basically just pieced together similar colors and some cheap looking claws on the hands, then used the name of a Wolverine-themed female heroine. They couldn’t be bothered to make an accurate mask or boots. And the skirt is clearly pointless.

4. V for Vendetta

I’m not surprised that V for Vendetta would inspire some costumes, but female costumes? This one doesn’t even include the iconic Guy Fawkes mask! How were the costume-makers unable to get that mask? It’s not like they shy away from calling it a ‘V for Vendetta’ costume. They added all the daggers and stuff, but no mask? Inconceivable! Then add the skimpy cape, the short shorts and the cleavage-window in the front. No other costume on this list misses the point as much as this one.

3. Spider-Girl

What is this? Is this even a costume, or is it very specific nerdy lingerie? They took the Spider-Man costume (sort of) and cut away everything that wasn’t needed to structurally hold the top and bottom together. The colors are accurate, the spider webs are a nice touch, and the chest symbol actually looks like Spider-Man’s. But this is as slutty as you can get while still maintaining some sort of copyright. This isn’t so much a Spider-Girl or Spider-Man costume as it is oddly colored, goth-themed sexy sleepwear. I’m also relatively sure that ‘spider’ on her chest only has 6 legs.

2. Black-Costumed Spider-Man

For a few years in the comics (and in the movie Spider-Man 3) our Friendly Neighborhood Web-slinger wore a black costume instead of his usual red and blues. Like Spider-Man’s normal costume, it was a full-body outfit that stretched from head to toe. It was all black, no webs, and had white eyes and a white spider symbol on its chest. Do you see any of that in those costumes above? And why are there three different versions of the same sexified black costume Spider-Man? One wasn’t slutty enough? They have absolutely nothing to do with Spider-Man or the black costume. They’re just black dresses or black lingerie with some spider symbols thrown around, plus cheap masks. These aren’t even costumes. I think the one on the left is a business suit.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These costumes defy belief. Is there anything more non-sexual than the Ninja Turtles? They are large, humanoid turtles who don’t wear clothes. There is absolutely nothing sexy about the turtles at all (except for perhaps the ninja part)! These costumes only raise questions. Who could possibly be clamoring for a slutty Ninja Turtle costume? Who fantasizes about this sort of thing? What child of the 80s loves Ninja Turtles this much, yet not enough to wear a more accurate costume? What guy is going to be attracted to a woman dressed like this? What sort of psychological problems does he have?

Slutty Ninja Turtle costumes are one step beneath furries. And it’s not even like they’re costumes. They’re themed mini-skirts. They look sticky. And I can’t tell, but I think they’re wearing shells on their backs. Why even bother? They could show off more skin if they didn’t have their backs covered.

Granted, my opinion would probably change if the Halloween party was just me and these girls…

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  1. wow those ninja turtles are terrible. good choices.

  2. The difference is respect for the source material. The good ones took designs from the comic books and made them work. The bad ones simply cashed in on familiar logos and patterns.

    That being said, I’m waiting for an authentic “Bolty” costume.

  3. I’m calling it right now, Alyssa. Next Halloween we’re going as Bolty and the Crimson Bolt. Even if we have to make the costumes ourselves. That would be even more authentic!

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