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Only Leigh Makes Her Triumphant Return to Battle Coronavirus!

I am a huge fan of creator Leigh Lahav and her various cartoons on YouTube. She’s spent the past few years working on some outside projects, but now that quarantine is here, she’s found time to put out another parody video!

I need to hurry up and let coronavirus quarantine fuel my own creative adventures…

Anyway, Only Leigh is great, I love her videos, and now that I’m reminded of her Patreon, I need to seriously consider getting in on that. There are a lot of creators I really enjoy who could use as much support as they can get during this virus crisis.


That Same Old Beauty and the Beast Joke, But Slightly Better

The new Beauty and the Beast movie comes out this weekend, which means all our favorite parody Youtube accounts are covering the old Beauty and the Beast cartoon. I’m feeling kind of lazy in the middle of this snowstorm, so I only watched one of them.

Hooray Honest Trailers! They make that same old classic Stockholm Syndrome joke, but they put it to song, so that’s bully on them!

I’m sure the other parody videos are around the Internet somewhere…


Disney Hires Good People

Did you know that, when I was a wee little Sean, my dream job was to be a costumed mascot in Disney World? That would have been a pretty magical life! But I would have had to be in costume. No way could I pull off something like this Gaston guy.

Apparently this guy is getting kind of Internet famous. Not only is he winning push-up contests, but he once had a battle of wits with a 6-year-old girl.

That’s good people. Though I’m sure I could have handled myself well enough in my Eeyore costume.


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